Yahoo Knew?

Yahoo! Answers is a great place to find answers to tricky questions. It’s also a great place to see some hilarious responses! Ellen showed off some of her fa…

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16 Responses to Yahoo Knew?

  1. Cory Fuccabiche says:

    These aren’t even close to the REAL funny yahoo answers. Look up some videos on youtube-they are WAY funnier than these. For starters, look up, “Funniest Yahoo Answers,” and click the 1st video.

  2. Cory Fuccabiche says:

    I got suspended for a fuckshit reason too. I made another account, and that got suspended. Then I made one more, and it got suspended too. I’m sick of fucking Yahoo Anshit.

  3. sam alshebany says:

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  4. rainier mooney says:

    I don’t like Yahoo Answers. I was suspended from that site for no reason, but it was fun going on there and finding questions like that and answering them.

  5. Jason Johnson says:

    yahoo and yahoo answers suck

  6. adi barry says:

    f(x) rum pum pum pum

  7. veggiespykidz says:

    Finding Dory

  8. juninhodesouza18 says:

    frtjkml bpu

  9. juninhodesouza18 says:


  10. clarinhafreitas67 says:

    Estanca RECOGEDOR£

  11. Stephanie Mercer says:

    Omfg.. I asked that exact eye question on yahoo answers and my name is Stephanie… Ahhhh I’m Freaking out right now, that was meeee

  12. Meagan Ratliff says:

    Lol. Nice plug.

  13. Jake S says:

    She really likes to brag about that sequel doesn’t she?

  14. juninhodesouza18 says:


  15. Dixy Cup says:

    Ellen: Gotta get rid of these trolls on yahoo answers-.-….

  16. Rylee Taylor says:

    I saw one and it said, ” Why haven’t we traveled to the moon yet?” and the answer was , “I’m not sure why. They could just go during the night!” Some people….

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