Yahoo Knew?

Yahoo! Answers is a great place to find answers to tricky questions. It’s also a great place to see some hilarious responses! Ellen showed off some of her fa…

16 thoughts on “Yahoo Knew?

  1. These aren’t even close to the REAL funny yahoo answers. Look up some videos on youtube-they are WAY funnier than these. For starters, look up, “Funniest Yahoo Answers,” and click the 1st video.

  2. I got suspended for a fuckshit reason too. I made another account, and that got suspended. Then I made one more, and it got suspended too. I’m sick of fucking Yahoo Anshit.

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  4. I don’t like Yahoo Answers. I was suspended from that site for no reason, but it was fun going on there and finding questions like that and answering them.

  5. I saw one and it said, ” Why haven’t we traveled to the moon yet?” and the answer was , “I’m not sure why. They could just go during the night!” Some people….

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