Yahoo millionaire – Nigeria Nollywood movie

Yahoo millionaire  -   Nigeria Nollywood movie

Jerry,[Desmond Elliot] a player and also into internet scam having his best friend Chizy (Fred Aseroma)his lawyer to cover up his tracks started having probl…
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  2. mrRaiderz says:

    Good movie we watch African movies down here also 1 love from your Jamaican brothers and sisters

  3. Nollywoodpicturestv says:

    keep watching dear thanks

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    Thanks for the good wishes.

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  6. namukwaya racheal says:

    Desmond and dominic r so good together. Can’t wait to see the the 2nd part….

  7. Maurice Nugent says:

    every night i am looking at one movie and really i enjoy them hoping that nollywoodpicturestv will be known all over the world

  8. Maurice Nugent says:

    very good movies from Nollywoodpicturestv i think that i will be a fan because i like those movies

  9. pinkcherrydelight says:

    Love the ending song

  10. Nollywoodpicturestv says:


  11. motosana1 says:

    Absolutely love the black n white outfit Rita wore on the surprise party!

  12. Tom Rawls says:

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    alright dear thanks for watching.

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