Yahoo MyBlogLog Shutdown Phishing Note

Yahoo MyBlogLog Shutdown Phishing Note

Image by kentbrew
Really, Yahoo? Really? After I don’t know how many centuries of trying to tell me "never, ever click a link if you get an e-mail from some weidly-hyphenated variant of a trusted provider," you send me THIS?

It’s sad enough you’re killing MyBlogLog, but did you have to let me know with a note that looks like a phishing attempt?

(Note to my mom and granddad: you can’t see it in the picture, but all of those links go to and not, and you have no idea who really is. Never ever EVER click something that’s labeled "" but when you hover over it shows "" in the status bar at the bottom of your Web browser.)

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  1. Also, the "help pages" link in the mail I got seems to go to another *different* property they’re shutting down (ie. Featured Listings), which I don’t think is related to MyBlogLog. So many sunsets, I can see how it could get confusing

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