Yahoo Pipes tutorial

Yahoo Pipes tutorial

Very basic tutorial showing how to use Yahoo Pipes (
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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7 Responses to Yahoo Pipes tutorial

  1. iMarioPlus says:

    Holy 5 years ago

  2. DuckHacking101 says:

    The guys voice sounds fake and he takes breaths after every word.

  3. Kevin51732 says:

    How can i filter the pipes. I have a Feed Event that is already due. and still showing in my calendar event feed. I want to filter out those events which is past dated. Pls suggest me thanks

  4. suzanne maury says:

    3 years later. it’s still here. you have the power…

  5. whostingreview says:

    sweet tutorial THANKS!

  6. glstudios says:

    lol you mention al franken and you sound like him…

  7. ifteebuet says:

    good basic

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