Yahoo Public Chat Rooms No More-Users File Online Petition

Subscribe to One of the most popular chat clients, Yahoo Messenger, has stopped its public chat rooms effective Dec…

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7 Responses to Yahoo Public Chat Rooms No More-Users File Online Petition

  1. yahoochatonline says:

    Hello, We are happy to inform you that Yahoo Chat rooms are back, To know more watch YahooChatOnline channel or visit

  2. joe byrne says:

    Nobody on any page I was on ever thought the Group pages would be included . No official message on the actual pages was ever sent as far as we knew the pages where privet owned .

  3. kostas8221 says:

    Actually they DID announce their are closing the service.

  4. yahoochatonline says:

    Well, our yahoo india chatroom india 1 users have created an alternative, Yahoo chat india 1, Check out.

  5. Pedro Loco says:

    it’s better they remove the public chat room coz they’re preventing a pervert like you

  6. joe byrne says:

    They just shut it down no notice . Can’t find my friends now . Fuck Yahoo all together now .

  7. 0100964006 says:

    fuck u marisa mayer

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