Yahoo Rebottles Its Old Wine

Yahoo Rebottles Its Old Wine
Yahoo has been around for 20 years. And on December 9, its board announced that it would take its old wine and put it into two bottles. Should shareholders rejoice? This move is exciting shareholders now but means little for the long-term. Before …
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Yahoo stock value owes more to Jerry Yang than Marissa Mayer
SAN FRANCISCO — The value of Yahoo shares still depends more on moves made by founder Jerry Yang years ago than anything current CEO Marissa Mayer has done during her 30-month tenure. That's only going to change if Mayer and the Yahoo board …
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British soldier who lost his leg in Iraq combats Islamophobia on Facebook
Donald Trump's call to ban all Muslims from traveling to the U.S. has dominated several hours' worth of TV news coverage this week, with the presidential candidate loudly defending his proposal against challenges from everyone from Chris Cuomo and Joe …
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