Yahoo! RIP 1994-2008

Yahoo! RIP 1994-2008

Image by Sigalakos
Yahoo! seems like dead. The funeral will cost Microsoft 44.6$ bn. And seeing as I don’t want my photos on "Microsoft flickr", maybe it’s time to move on to Google’s Picasa. Eoow! :-(((( View large I HATE MICRO$ OFT
UPDATE: Also see this photo’s sequel here. Yahoo! said no, for now at least.

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25 Responses to Yahoo! RIP 1994-2008

  1. washablemarkers says:

    Ouch. This is not fun.

  2. Sigalakos says:

    Hey, New York Times Blog, asked my permission to use this image on their article! I’m honored. You can find the related article here.

  3. Francesc Esteve says:

    No!!! I’ve bought my Flickr Pro last week!!! :( F.

  4. benitojuncal says:

    No por favor que suelten a Firck.

  5. Sigalakos says:

    @Francesc Esteve Me too, I renewed my pro account very recently. I can’t believe I unwillingly gave my money to Microsoft…. :((((

  6. lumoz says:

    If Microsoft will buy Yahoo I do the same thing. :(

  7. iokin says:

    I have my new front page of flickr: A mi ya me han mandado mi nueva página de inicio: MicroFlickr

  8. Jänis' says:

    I used to be one of the biggest supporters of Yahoo! once. I wrote them to connect themselfs with Apple – same letter I wrote Apple to get togehter with Yahoo twice. It was 3 or 4 years ago, somehow it seems it has thrown into —> trash. Anyway, i will leave Yahoo with all I got (Flickr, Mail, 360° etc., if this NIGHTMARE comes true! F*CK MICROSOFT! btw… in the Germany, Switzerland & Austria we do have another word for the madness of MS: MicroSCHROTT, which mean MicroRUBISH 😉

  9. Dragon_I says:

    This is classic! Great work What’s sad is that the deal was in the works before Yang massacred 1000 of HIS employees. So obviously it was part of the deal. Ballmer should have had the balls to do it himself since he’s already a dancing lunatic 😉

  10. Sigalakos says:

    @Jaenis Jvpitersson. I feel your pain. Microsoft should my "Secured Empty Trashed" :-) I hate it with a passion. @Dragon_I. thanks! I just woke up and I am already depressed by yesterday’s news. Flickr is my favorite site and now it belongs to my most hated software company. I’ve been looking for alternatives on a related discussion here, but still nothing comparable. This is, as jaenis put it, a nightmare come true…

  11. jomagaro says:

    Great !!!

  12. tsevis says:

    LOL! Cool image. Totally agree!

  13. kcnickerson says:

    A great image to "consolidate" the view.

  14. harald walker says:

    @ Sigalakos: Flickr (and Yahoo) doesn’t belong to Microsoft (yet). They just made an attractive offer. As far as I know, there hasn’t been an official response by Yahoo! Inc. yet.

  15. harald walker says:

    Well, yeah. A standard answer. "The Company said that its Board of Directors will evaluate this proposal carefully and promptly in the context of Yahoo!’s strategic plans and pursue the best course of action to maximize long-term value for shareholders."

  16. MacSmiley says:

    @view profile, It doesn’t have to be true yet. Just the thought of it sickens. By the way, great work, view profile. Congratulations! I’ve posted this photo to my tumblelog!


    MICROSOFT + YAHOO = FLICKR (satoboy pensieroso)

  18. kubla says:

    On the upside, when microsoft bought hotmail, it took them about 3 years to screw it up. We have time folks. Microsoft is a slow moving behemoth.

  19. cpqs says:

    Very Good by Le Blog Photo

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