Yahoo Studios NYC

Yahoo Studios NYC

Image by Thomas Hawk
just did an interview for the weekly Flickr at Yahoo’s studios in NYC. :)

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7 Responses to Yahoo Studios NYC

  1. petparazzi says:

    you get all the great gigs!

  2. Mars Observer ♂ says:

    Flickr seems to be doing well, and making a comeback!

  3. Mrsth says:

    That was great!

  4. SemiCharmedLife (☯) says:

    awesome, and it slightly reminds me of a "Broken Social Scene" cover.

  5. tikitonite says:

    reminds me of the bat signal !!

  6. Bright Creation says:

    ++ nice shot Take a look at my new works if you have some time to spare….:) Cheers!

  7. Robin Hsu1 says:

    Beautiful image !

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