Yahoo! Timeline 1995-2010

Yahoo! Timeline 1995-2010

Image by Yahoo Inc

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  1. Loowit Imaging - Steve Rosenow, Photographer says:

    I seem to recall Yahoo! launching in 1994? I have a screenshot of Yahoo!’s first logo that I’ve kept all these years, from October 1994 when I discovered Yahoo! in high school. It looks vastly different than the Yahoo! logo we’re all used to, by now. EDIT – Found the screenshot! Yahoo Saved on an IMB PS2 computer in a high school computer lab, October 1994, in bitmap format. Converted to jpeg via PSP3 in 1999. Somehow, I’ve kept onto this bit of internet history.

  2. Lazurline says:

    I’m happy Yahoo! reach 15 without going to that awkward pimple stage. I wonder when Yahoo! will loose it’s virginity XD.

  3. XxUndefine SoulxX says:

    Happy Birthday YAHOO!!!! LOL

  4. mikerockwell1975 says:

    Thanks for 15 years of 😀 Happy Birthday!

  5. Loowit Imaging - Steve Rosenow, Photographer says:

    Yahoo! Mail launched in October 1997. Not 1994. I was one of the first 100 who signed up for the new Yahoo! Mail service back then.

  6. John Laughlin Photography says:

    Remember that logo from 1993-94 when Yahoo! first came live.

  7. Sakroo says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yahoo! Till today its my home page and I love to see Yahoo when my browser starts :)

  8. miamibrickell says:

    Whoa I can’t believe Yahoo is using this for their top story image! lol they just ganked it from Flickr.

  9. butterfly2021 says:

    Happy birthday yahoo.

  10. jewel25pp says:

    Happy Birthday, YAHOO

  11. george ionas says:

    Happy Birthday Yahoo

  12. Vampire Pirate says:

    I’m pretty sure it says that Yahoo! owns Flickr, so they can do whatever they want with the pictures.

  13. czarfox says:

    Happy birthday, and congratulations on your success!

  14. hgb2 says:

    congratulations Yahoooooooooooooooo

  15. ezernackmarine3 says:

    happy 15th birthday yahoo from vinnie ebarb, zwolle Louisiana

  16. Kire2004 says:

    Happy birthday Yahoo!!!15 years meen-it’s great!

  17. miss lala tiger woof says:

    wow. I thought last year was four years. So, it’s like my teacher. exaggeration.

  18. ab25kt says:

    i meet the most wnderful woman on yahoo….so keep it up guys…happy birthday

  19. zkhurshid says:

    Happy Birthday yahoo this is so interesting.

  20. uwaberry says:

    many known n heps from you Happy 15 th Birthday 741-100 (yahoo)

  21. rob_planet_man says:

    Got my Yahoo! account right at the beginning of 1998. It’s been my main email and my homepage ever since. Thanks for being there. And I hope you always are. In the era of "Google it", I still Yahoo! it!! ….rob

  22. lisaandlarrydavis says:

    Happy Birthday Yahoo! Thanks for making my transition onto the world wide web 15 years ago so easy

  23. tatertown_94 says:

    Schucks you guys! I’ve been with you since the beginning (although I’d argue the 1995 start date) and will stay until they come up with something better (mind melding???) :) tatertown_94

  24. ffbad247 says:

    Happy Birthday yahoo… What a ride it was … thanks for all that good info……..

  25. naledagma says:

    Happy Birthday yahoo for be my friends this years.

  26. Monikita Photo says:

    srose – they weren’t specifically talking about the email feature of Yahoo more like when the launch of their original services yes my 1st email was with Yahoo also :-

  27. wamphiri says:

    Happy Birthday my great friend Yahoo, I could never imagine the impact that you have had in the way i’ve do things, thank you and let it roll

  28. tiklu6 says:

    Happy birthday, and congratulations on your success!

  29. tallcoolone1963 says:

    Srose- Ive been a Yahoo email user since Dec 1996……..the original TALLCOOLONE here…………..! Happy B/day Yahoo!!

  30. Vpatel2010 says:

    God bless Yahoo!

  31. Mr. Smith2010 says:

    Happy B-Day yahoo!!!!!! 15 years and counting!

  32. aa rahman says:

    Happy Happy Birth day to YAHOO.

  33. bigbralover says:

    Clean up you forums… etc…. make everything better… dont let goggle blind you with there chrome… put on your dark sunglasses and smile… smile… smile…Your still the best… Happy Birthday Yahoo… []

  34. LGROOVA says:

    Happy Birthday Yahoo!!!! Life hasn’t been the same since you arrived… Great Job!

  35. TxVipProd says:

    I don’t care when they started. I’m just glad that they are here. Love me some Yahoo! It will be my next stock I will be investing in, for sure! Congrats Yahoo! Keep up the great work!

  36. miamibrickell says:

    Whoo go Yahoo. It’s free still. Except for my Flickr account which cost me 25 bucks XD

  37. Dennis Schroeder says:

    I remember Yahoo! starting in 1994 also. Just like many people, they fudge a bit on their age to make them younger

  38. onemarie1 says:

    Happy Birthday Yahoo!!!! I am very happy to met you long time ago :)

  39. Youcanchange says:

    Happy birthday Yahoo! I was 2 years old back then. 😀

  40. imagine718 says:

    Happy Birthday Yahoo! Thank you for 15 years of excellent service!

  41. says:

    Happy Birthday to yahoo. me using yahoo from first day of launching.good serveice .

  42. ulisez says:

    I have my first and only one personal e-mail account here and i´m so happy with it, thank you yahoo

  43. cocobunny1999 says:

    Well if its ur 15th anniversery, then yahoo launched in 1995, it would be sixtinth anniversery in 1994

  44. rajmahida says:

    Happy Birthday and wishes that you keep on going and growing for us for a long long time!

  45. annoymous4 says:

    CONGRATS!!!!! this is a great website and has saved me millions of time!

  46. agsmith2 says:

    Happy 15th and here is to many great years to come.

  47. misery2010 says:

    May this new year hold every thing new , take every thing blue ,let peace grow & every dream come true , so very happy birthday 2 U & UR lovers & i wish U better future.

  48. devvv2010 says:

    HI all thx Yahoo For 15 years I are Very Happy

  49. devvv2010 says:

    I are Ritch with Yahoo

  50. ns_kanishka says:

    yahooooooo :)

  51. somrgm says:

    congratulation on your success. & HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

  52. badri.baindla says:

    Yahoooo!!!!!!! Happy Birthday…..

  53. SpinningHead says:

    I’ve had many email accounts in many, many servers. My yahoo account is the one I’ll never quit. I love it! Congrats, Yahooooooooo!

  54. VivJa says:

    Happy birthday yahoo!!!!!!!! Great job. Thank you

  55. sdaqqaq says:

    happy birthday dear YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO am one of the first 100 that sing to be a member thanx for the good work wish u all the best Bassam Daqqaq

  56. ripock says:


  57. geon116 says:

    I can remember when I shed AOL and started using Yahoo……what an eye-opener it was. Not sure exactly when it was, but around 1996, give or take.

  58. padragon says:

    Amazing! So much from something that seems so simple.

  59. R2na says:

    Yahoo is the best mail account i have. Happy Birthday Yahooooooooo!

  60. freestone8 says:

    Y!.com was my first visited website in my life /ca 1996/.

  61. pin_anil says:

    Happy Birthday Yahoo !!! Using Yahoo since 2007…….i cudnt believe its 15 years….Gr8 service

  62. alaa 1988 says:

    happy birthday dera yahoo.. i m glade tht i m using yahoo mail since 2003! :)

  63. BAMM_BAMM says:

    happy birthday yahoo and many more

  64. T-Rex6 says:

    Happy Birthday YAHOO :o) Hope you will grow more.

  65. sobekiss2625 says:

    Thanks all good times you help me so manny difernt way with you i never done it i wish you best luck in years come

  66. yorkiegal59 says:

    "Happy 15th Birthday Yahoo"! I love your site! It’s the best!

  67. Shakil1979 says:

    Happy birthday to yahooooooooooooooooooo

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