Yahoo! Timeline 1995-2010

Yahoo! Timeline 1995-2010

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  1. I seem to recall Yahoo! launching in 1994? I have a screenshot of Yahoo!’s first logo that I’ve kept all these years, from October 1994 when I discovered Yahoo! in high school. It looks vastly different than the Yahoo! logo we’re all used to, by now. EDIT – Found the screenshot! Yahoo Saved on an IMB PS2 computer in a high school computer lab, October 1994, in bitmap format. Converted to jpeg via PSP3 in 1999. Somehow, I’ve kept onto this bit of internet history.

  2. Yahoo! Mail launched in October 1997. Not 1994. I was one of the first 100 who signed up for the new Yahoo! Mail service back then.

  3. Got my Yahoo! account right at the beginning of 1998. It’s been my main email and my homepage ever since. Thanks for being there. And I hope you always are. In the era of "Google it", I still Yahoo! it!! ….rob

  4. Schucks you guys! I’ve been with you since the beginning (although I’d argue the 1995 start date) and will stay until they come up with something better (mind melding???) ๐Ÿ™‚ tatertown_94

  5. srose – they weren’t specifically talking about the email feature of Yahoo more like when the launch of their original services yes my 1st email was with Yahoo also :-

  6. Happy Birthday my great friend Yahoo, I could never imagine the impact that you have had in the way i’ve do things, thank you and let it roll

  7. Clean up you forums… etc…. make everything better… dont let goggle blind you with there chrome… put on your dark sunglasses and smile… smile… smile…Your still the best… Happy Birthday Yahoo… []

  8. I don’t care when they started. I’m just glad that they are here. Love me some Yahoo! It will be my next stock I will be investing in, for sure! Congrats Yahoo! Keep up the great work!

  9. May this new year hold every thing new , take every thing blue ,let peace grow & every dream come true , so very happy birthday 2 U & UR lovers & i wish U better future.

  10. happy birthday dear YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO am one of the first 100 that sing to be a member thanx for the good work wish u all the best Bassam Daqqaq

  11. I can remember when I shed AOL and started using Yahoo……what an eye-opener it was. Not sure exactly when it was, but around 1996, give or take.

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