16 Responses to Yahoo! unveils new logo.

  1. JackAttackGPA5 says:

    It’s awesome!

  2. Roborav says:

    For me Yahoo is the best search engine it brings shit load of comprehensive results up no matter what you type more than Google does. They should have kept their old logo it showed that they have years of experience on the internet and you could trust them and their services, they trying to look hip or maybe they think they were left behind in some way because of Google and others.

  3. Grim Reaper says:

    Yahoo’s been irrelevant for years now. The last time people cared about it was in the late 90s, early 2000s with all of the Yahoo commercials. Since then Google has owned the first decade of the 21st century. The only people who hang out on Yahoo are those Filthy white Cunt-servatives claiming to be moderates in their mid-30s and 40s who think that Yahoo is the spot where the “young kids” hang out. Terrorist US network tv put women like Erin on camera for eye candy. They aren’t journalists.


    What a buncha stinkin yahoos!

  5. Ethan Tassinari says:

    That stupid uneducated bitch knows nothing about logo design and software development and she is making fun of yahoo when she is a stupid cunt

  6. The Gospel Giver says:

    I please God not Man Enjoy the Gospel of Salvation to All :-DD

  7. OcelotGames says:

    Just fucking letters with pits at the points. Nice job -_- You should at least take away the 9000 links on the side no-one uses.

  8. OcelotGames says:

    Although I am a Christain, I don’t want a HTML coded virus so fuck off.

  9. Ash Almond says:

    I still love the old Yahoo logo better.

  10. gaingreedy says:

    They should have changed the logo years ago! Now Yahoo is the cat’s meow!

  11. ruthlessmonks says:

    i think cnn needs to retire. and whats with that “distractiin” shit? Which is all cnn really is. a distraction.

  12. Yahushua Endtimes says:

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  13. The Gospel Giver says:

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  14. Moses Bullrush says:

    Yahoo is owned by Benjamin Netanyahoo.

  15. hdzsound says:

    I can draw it with only my keyboard. YAHOO ! :)

  16. Brandon McKnight says:

    Who cares?

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