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… here is a minute piece of documentation to explain why I’ve stayed with Yahoo all these years and heaven knows I’ve been invited to renounce and convert to Google and Facebook many times.

I’m always amazed at those "shotgun" blast advertisers who flood your Emails with offers like "Black Singles" and "Gay Pardners" without checking to see if the Email recepient is orientated to their offerings. A lot of my friends go ape-bananas when they are erroneously targeted with inappropriate spam; it’s so easy to simply delete it. These sames friends will sit patiently through advertisements on TV that take up a quarter or more of the times of their favorite programs.

Here’s why I like yahoo. Look at this add I received. All I have to do is click on the appropriate tab and I’ll be introduced to a large selection of women between the ages of 71 and 91. I just happen to be 81, so yahoo has done their arithmetic correctly, even though on my Yahoo profile, giving me a ten year range in either direction, for some unexplicable reason. I’m listed as 78 years old and I’ve found no way on earth to change it. Yahoo says, we can’t change your age because if you ever forget your password, age is one of the factors we use to establish your identity……sigh. This all leads me to wonder why I wasn’t offered a range of wome between 68 and 78 years of age and it tells me that although Yahoo knows I’m 81 years old, they still show me as 78. I think Google whould have just stuck with their error all the way through, but Yahoo believes "two errors does not a corrections make" and I’m proud of them for that.

PLUS ! Notice Yahoo doesn’t shackle me with a photograph of a 71 or a 91 year old female. VIsually, they’re offering me what appears to be a soft, kindhearted 32 year old woman, smiling a sweet smile that tells you she’ll be attentive, loving and appreciative of an 81 year old male in a wheelchair. She’ll even be proud of him and enjoy showing him off to her friends with their younger, more virile pardners. She just looks like that kind of woman. Yahoo knows me like they know the back of their hand. I’m complimented.

So, that’s why I’ll stick to Yahoo and their ability to do research before offering services to make sure my every desire is catered to. Of course, there is that nagging doubt … I wonder how they’ll explain all this to Sherry.

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  1. interesting! I have always stuck with yahoo but only because in many ways it would mean changing my routine etc. and there is not enough of an incentive to change. all of them will take me from A to B. And ofcours the name yahoo is much more interesting and colourful than smothing like google perhaps.

  2. Wonderful image! Please post to "Free fsb" . . . "ballmerrockz’s" photo site has been deleted, but the "Free fsb" group is still around . . but it is Private now. I don’t know how that happened or how I got to be an admin. (?)

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