Year of Change: County Adapting To Leaner Times

Year of Change: County Adapting To Leaner Times
Where it creates a challenge for operations is: Part of the state law is that if you had your 25 years in and you retire, you actually do not have to pay anything. At 21 to 25 years you will pay …. In management, they're learning how to be a manager …
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Getting to know your neighbor: The bagels are warm and the coffee is fresh, at
“Before they knew it,” the students were operating a direct water line coffee machine and a hot chocolate machine, which had been donated. The cafe started selling toaster pastries, Gatorade®, … The students are being exposed to New York State Career …
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Letter: Teachers aren't the problem
We were dealing with highly predictable machines, so doing things according to a checklist made sense. … They might learn at an alternate education system like the national guard youth challenge programs for drop outs and troubled and failing students.
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