Yoast WordPress SEO Setup Guide: Titles & Meta Settings

In this video we’re going to take you through the available settings for Titles and Meta Tags in Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin. Ask a Question: http://www.wpk…
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6 thoughts on “Yoast WordPress SEO Setup Guide: Titles & Meta Settings

  1. hi my main problem is I cant get my newest post to show up as home page for some reason? it has been this way for 2 months now, I believe this could be the cause of my increase in bounce rate 🙁 please if you can assist me in any way in regards to my issue i will forever be thankful! cheers check for your self.

  2. hi ! i have a problem in wordpress! whenever i try to modify the title of a new post , i got AUTO DRAFT as a title ! i don’t know how to fix it ! can anyone help me?! Thank you in advance !

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