YogTrailers – Shoot Many Robots

So many display options! Hope it’s not trying to make up for repetitive gameplay or anything…

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13 Responses to YogTrailers – Shoot Many Robots

  1. cesar sanchez says:

    it dont matter this game is gay

  2. risktaker141 says:

    I am a yogscast fanboy and i’m happy you mentioned tht because otherwise i would’ve thought this was just a piece of shit trailer :/

  3. superspeed2378 says:

    From my very very small experience with computer animating, I’d say that those were lighting and graphical layers.

  4. Superlightningblade says:

    That game genuinely looks like it would be entertaining for about 3 minutes.

  5. truthfulchimp says:

    I guess this game involves shooting robots but how many?

  6. EpicOnlyGaming says:

    COME WATCH MY WALKTHROUGH ON SHOOT MANY ROBOTS! /watch?v=R7xftaU8gaI Hope you guys enjoy!

  7. lol168at says:

    @StumpyAndToast what do you mean it look so shitty it unbelievable

  8. StumpyAndToast says:

    The game play is amazing! My friend and I are doing a play through of it on our channel! Give us a look!

  9. somones10 says:

    My gameplay 😛 

  10. CcloudVII says:

    Lol i thought they were being serious? I thought they were seriously giving THEIR personally opinion about serious Trailers… Is that not what there doing? But anyway i didnt even watch most of the trsailers, i vjust turn on the playlist of their videos and listen to them while i pull up minecraft, an emulator, or some other form of entertainment… Occasionally BF3 or MW3.

  11. CcloudVII says:

    Basically though what ive learned about Lewis and Simon is that… they aren’t really gamers? Lmao… I am a gamer… i LOVE games…. But i also LOVE learning how the games that i LOVE playing are made…. If you like doing something then shouldnt you in turn like how what you are doing is made? And how it was formed? Idk, maybe its just me, but thats my view on gaming and being a gamer… Or anything else in life.

  12. slayerr4365 says:

    Your point is fair and true to a small degree but you do not understand what yogtrailers bascily are. They are clearly only made to joke about trailers and to get a few laughs from, If someone was viewing trailers seriously do you really think they would mute the video or talk about random shit over the trailer which has nothing to do with it? If you think the yogscast are about being serious i suggest you look somewhere else.

  13. supernerfboy99 says:

    This looks like a cheap flash game off of miniclip

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