Yoobly Introduces New Website and New Focus for SEO Business

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) January 07, 2013

A New Way of Looking at SEO

Yoobly will also be rolling out a brand new way of looking at the concept of SEO services when their new website debuts. In essence, the company is focusing on a kind of Content Based SEO service. Most companies working in this field tend to focus on specific keywords and a specific number of backlinks that they create for their clients.

Yooblys founders realized that simply ranking highly for specific keywords was no longer an effective method of doing SEO. They analyzed the incoming keywords that customers of their clients websites were using and found that the majority of them were so called long tail keywords. These are keywords which are much longer than usual but which tend to provide higher conversions.

In essence, rather than getting conversions for a keyword such as car insurance, they found that more customers were making purchases when they arrived after searching for a keyword like cheap car insurance in Las Vegas.

This discovery has led Yoobly to fundamentally change the way they do their work in the world of SEO. In essence, they realized that it was no longer effective to try to rank for a small specific list of keywords which their customers had identified. Instead, they have become more focused on providing high quality website and blog content that leads to massive amounts of long tail traffic.

This transformation is actually part of a larger trend in the world of SEO whereby many companies have realized that it is a fools errand to endlessly try to get to the top of the Google rankings for specific, highly competitive keywords. Even when they got their customers all the way to the top position for those keywords, the number of sales made from those searches was alarmingly low.

In addition, these companies realized that it became increasingly difficult to maintain those top rankings for highly competitive keywords due to the constant changes Google introduces to their algorithms, most recently with the so called Panda and Penguin changes which have fundamentally altered the SEO landscape.

No More Scraping of Google Data to Prove Effectiveness

Instead, Yoobly is at the forefront of a new kind of SEO algorithm. Rather than scraping data from Google in order to measure their success, Yoobly has begun to focus on more organic measurements of success. For example, they focus on how long customers spend on the site, how many actually make purchases and what percentage recommend the site to their friends, etc.

Ultimately, this form of SEO measurement is infinitely more effective because it allows companies to focus specifically on the bottom line instead of an abstract measurement of what Google says a companys rankings are.

Mr. Briley is also the owner of ListGuy, a well known list broker service which has been offering its customers ways of making additional sales rather than focusing exclusively on traffic for over ten years. Thus it was natural for him to begin to refocus Yooblys efforts in this direction. Ultimately, our clients would always prefer to have just 1,000 visitors and every one of them a customer as opposed to one million visitors with just 1,000 sales, he explains.

The new focus is not without controversy however; the vast majority of SEO companies still focus their efforts exclusively on getting to the top of the Google rankings for a small group of specific keywords without regard to whether or not the traffic is converting. However, the owners of Yoobly believe that these other companies will eventually change their way of doing business or will eventually be put out of business as the changes in SEO continue to come at a fast and furious pace.

Yoobly has already developed a reputation for providing high quality SEO services at affordable prices to a wide range of businesses. The company is set to simplify and refine its offerings with the site redesign and looks forward to a very bright future for the SEO business. In the words of the companys owners, the business of SEO or search engine optimization is not dead at all. It is alive and well, though it has changed and companies that want to survive in the SEO business will change with the times.

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