You Are Good – Praise Presbyterian Church

As sung by PPC Choir – Thanksgiving Service, 11/18/2007. ( ) Neah Lee – Worship Leader. David Choi – Head Pastor. Wan Yi – Videographer. Praise Presbyterian Church, Somerset, NJ. All are welcome. Come visit! ( http ) “You Are Good”, written by Israel Houghton

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18 Responses to You Are Good – Praise Presbyterian Church

  1. Stephanay JNote says:

    That was beautiful!!!

  2. Recon4Jesus says:

    Great version Praise Jesus and yes Jesus is always good :)

  3. dedeiahortocity says:

    Senhor obrigada pelas vidas em todo o mundo que louvam o seu Nome, tenha de misericóridia e escute o nosso clamor esse grupo de jovens está feliz em estar em sua presença e estão apresentando uma oferta de amor a Ti, nao se importando com a igreja vazia, pois o Senhor mesmo diz que mais vale um justo ganhar o reino dos céus do que uma nação hipócrita!

  4. j mack says:

    yes the world needs to see real presbyterian church’s like this the world is changing and we must also. GOD bless amazing lol

  5. j mack says:

    yes our GOD is great 

  6. j mack says:

    yes in the presbyterian church we welcome them all Evil demon possessed anti semitic, collapsing institutions they can all turn there life around for christ jesus our lord. GOD is the greatest thank you jesus !

  7. DreamsofMajesty says:

    scribd (dot) com/nb812 

  8. DrBaruchdeSpinoza says:

    Presbyterian Church….and Evil anti-semitic collapsing institution…..

  9. Ryan Kasteel says:

    LOL its like choir karaoke!

  10. Rodrigo Constantino Jeronimo says:

    I love that song ♥

  11. antifrituras says:

    Oh, los presbiterianos estamos a la onda predicando el amor de Cristo. Aleluya!!!

  12. serenitytaisho says:

    God bless you to! You sound great.  Praise God!

  13. stealsticks123 says:

    i clapt along and sang along get up everyone its time to praise the almighty king open your arms and let him take u praise the lord!

  14. stealsticks123 says:

    i clapt along and sang all long get up everyone and sing and then open your arms to god

  15. stealsticks123 says:

    that is how it is i go to a Presbyterian church and we party well we worship or dont worship at all we are very up beat and always happy i bet if u folks go to a Presbyterian church near u you will come out of that service happy and filed with energy god bless to all

  16. kPyoda says:

    such energy… I think God is happy watching your worship. thank you for the upload

  17. amyparky464 says:

    hahaha. that was awesome. neah is crazy at singing. do something like this again=]

  18. sebahard says:

    awesome!!! God bless you from Chile

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