You Attended Social Media Week And Didn't Even Know It

You Attended Social Media Week And Didn't Even Know It
This avoids the nagging problem the industry faces, which is that for every person who believes social media have some inherent value, there's another who thinks its marketing utility is little more than snake oil's efficacy at curing the common cold.
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4 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked (Infographic)
If you run in “social media/content marketing” circles, it's easy to start thinking that everyone views social media marketing (SMM) the same way that you do – as an obviously valuable practice. Newsflash. This is not the case. While SMM is a large …
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Statistically speaking: Most marketers share on social media on Saturdays
A marketing return on investment survey by Captora, a marketing cloud solution company, shows that 87 percent of marketers distribute content on social media, and that Saturday is the most popular day to share that content. Here's more: 13% total …
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