You can now view Android "photo spheres" in Google Earth

You can now view Android "photo spheres" in Google Earth
Google has been rapidly increasing the number of business with interior Street View imagery, but that imagery has previously been unavailable inside of Google Earth. Now if you zoom in far enough you'll see small dark circles where you can drop pegman …
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What Did Google Earth Spot in the Chinese Desert? Even an Ex-CIA Analyst Isn't
Late last month, former CIA analyst Allen Thomson was clicking through a space news website when he noticed a story about a new orbital tracking site being built near the small city of Kashgar in southwestern China. Curious, he went to Google Earth to …
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Google Earth helps put North Korea gulag system on map
Google Earth, the company's popular satellite imagery product, might be the last thing Schmidt will want to showcase for his hosts, because it presents a bird's eye view of many things that secretive North Korea wants to keep hidden. Human rights …
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