You can now visit Nelson Mandela's prison…on Google

You can now visit Nelson Mandela's prison…on Google
Today, Google Street View launched the most comprehensive online tour of Robben Island to date. This tour, however, is different. Unlike other Street View projects, the Robben Island Prison Tour is annotated by former political prisoner Vusumsi Mcongo, …
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Google could turn your home's walls into screens
The writers of Back to the Future Part II in 1989 got many of their predictions about life in 2015 right. We have tablets and video calling, and we're even getting Nike Air Mags with power laces (though we're still waiting for hover boards and flying …
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Google's Biggest European Headache Isn't Search. It's Android.
Google was not blindsided. The EU began its probe months ago, according to executives familiar with Google. One source said Google considered a potential regulatory threat as early as 2007, when it created the Open Handset Alliance, setting the wheels …
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