You can run from Google, but not from your past

You can run from Google, but not from your past
Will other search engines have to comply? References to public figures and companies are apparently exempt, but those boundaries will have to be tested in court. It's important to note that the ruling applies only to search results, not pages …
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Google Panda 4.0 Anoints Winners And Losers In The Race For Space On (a career advancement site),, and all gained traction on the search engine results page. Each of those sites increased visibility from keyword searches 100 percent to 500 percent. Wikimedia …
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A dictionary of SEO words, terms and phrases
The organic results that appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) are, in theory, the pages that have been optimised the best for that particular search query. Although this is a huge generalisation, as rankings can appear based on …
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