You Have to Play Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Rainbows! Erasure! Giant Flying Whales! Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is out now and it’s free. Watch Justin and Anthony spread the love. (Go team Rainbow)! Subscri…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to You Have to Play Robot Unicorn Attack 2

  1. MBhatesYT says:

    I wish I could switch to Team Rainbow (I picked Inferno just to try it), but I don’t wanna waste tears! :(

  2. eagleclaw503 says:

    I’m a team inferno…

  3. Marissa Alysha says:

    I thought the whale was a flying narwhal

  4. joseph castillo says:

    why team rainbow inferno always wins

  5. Asianbeautylover66 says:

    TEAM INFERNO!!!!!!!

  6. adam powell says:


  7. jojohharris says:


  8. prettyhottie45 says:

    can you get RUA2 for android?! :-(

  9. Mevan Apporse says:

    Team infernos winning right now thanks to me

  10. gameu360 says:

    brohoof anyone? /]

  11. Imozart0341I says:

    I know they ned to do something like everyone whos on the wining team gets kicked off after a week and if want to stay with the winning team you have to pay 2500-3500 unicorn tears and also boosts affects each team differently like the past rainbow boost only uses 50 tears on team rainbow but on inferno its 500 and vice versa for the other boosts.

  12. gamergirl714 says:

    made the unicorn color blue and I said HOLY SHIT RAINBOWDASH IS A PRINCESS

  13. piperlovegood13 says:

    I can’t wait for the kindle fire version.

  14. apples283 says:

    Team inferno kills

  15. TheWariofan64 says:

    I like team inferno, because I like darkness, evil and fire!

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