You Suck at Search

You Suck at Search
He claims that, while sometimes helpful, auto-complete tools can also be limiting because “users often view the drop-down as a mini-SERP and assume that it lists everything the site carries.” The better way to do search according to Nielsen is to …
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Aziende poco affidabili: Google le penalizzerà nelle SERP
Secondo quanto emerge da un articolo di Search Engine Land, Google si sta preparando a ripulire le SERP da tutte quelle attività commerciali ritenute poco affidabili dagli utenti, o addirittura che hanno truffato o fatto raggiri, ed entro la fine di …
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Google Alerts: Still Broken
Just see current google serp, where only few authority sites searchable. How google alerts can know about new and fresh sites if main google index contain only few (like preselected) sites???? Their spam wars killing normal but small sites. Robin331 …
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