Young Entrepreneur to Open a Mobile App Studio With a Plan for 50 App Launch per Year

(PRWEB) March 27, 2014

The UAE currently boasts the highest number of mobile phone users per capita, as noted in a recent 2013 article by Mashable. With that being said, it comes as no surprise that the nation also has the largest ratio of mobile app subscribers. It is because of these reasons that the UAE have become a primary focus for entrepreneurs like Shadi Al Ghanim. The article also highlights a study, which was released by Googles Think Mobile Planet campaign, and shows that an estimated 73% of Saudi Arabians use a smartphone – compared to just 56% of Americans.

There was even more good news in the survey for app developers 46% of those surveyed for UAE had ten or more apps installed on their smartphones, with over 80% that used mobile apps every day.

Native Kuwait resident and entrepreneur, Shadi Ismail Al Ghanim has recognized this local leading market and has decided to launch his first mobile app studio and online Business : THE APPreneur.

For the last 15 months, he has been working meticulously behind the scenes at Set to bring this indie development to the forefront, his site will provide first hand access to the latest in mobile apps that his company personally develops each month. The apps will come from a diversified collection, launching between 5-8 apps every month to cater to different mobile app users, plus diversifying his portfolio with websites and blogs to cater to a larger group of the market.

THE APPreneur is an indie studio, but the real power behind it is in the marketing experience that we have and the understanding of the market needs, we are not limiting ourselves to certain group of consumers, we have a plan how to manage to target both smart phone users along with internet visitors, we are looking to have 10,000,000 download/visitor/pageview in our 1st year across all our mediums Shdi Ismail

The company, which is currently operating in both Kuwait and Dubai, will premiere their first sets of apps between March and April. The first set will include 5 mobile gaming apps and 2 mobile entertainment apps. With a steadily growing portfolio, the company is open to connecting with a wide variety of mobile app investors including: business investors, advertising networks, and current app developers alike.

Founder and CEO, Shadi Ismail has a proven track record of success as the current and 4-year reigning CEO of Golds Gym in Kuwait. His education experience includes time in the Maastricht School of Management (MBA) and Ahlia Amman University where he majored in Computer Engineering, THE APPreneur is his newest project, set to launch on April 1st and will be available to individuals in both the local and global market.

For media inquires and investment opportunities featuring THE APPreneur, individuals are encouraged to contact Founder and CEO, Shadi Ismail directly at +965 97779950 or via email at, Shadi(at)theappreneur(dot)net. To learn more about the debut website as well as mobile app collections, visit:

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