Your AdSense Earnings & Reports

Tips on using the Google Ad Review Center, understanding reports and maximizing your earnings. Google AdSense 101 Increasing Your AdSense Earnings Free Book on AdSense
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13 Responses to Your AdSense Earnings & Reports

  1. HerroYero says:

    Is there anyway to transfer adsense money to paypal? I really do want to.

  2. 1738Alexander says:

    adsense is shit. They blocked me two times

  3. gamefreak1756 says:

    thanks very much, this really helped! :)

  4. hudsonjamesc says:

    can you help me…AdSense is saying they did the test deposit but I am not seeing it in my bank account. How long after they say they have deposited the test deposit until it actually shows in a user’s bank account? Is there some lag time?

  5. model ridoy says:

    Hey there, have you considered “Thousands 4 Surveys” (do a Google search for it)? At their site you will see valuable facts about the right way to make an income online by answering easy questionnaires. This made it easier for everyday people to work from the comfort of home and then have the benefit of financial freedom very fast. It may help you out also.

  6. racemup says:

    What do they mean by “submit a request” to opt in to Ad review center? Do you check a box or what? I am some kind of a YouTube partner – maybe not a “Full Partner”. I’ve not been able to figure that one out yet. But I’ve been running adsense on my monetized vids for a couple years now. But when I look under “Shown Ads” there is nothing there. No ads visible. So I don’t even know if I am “Opted In” or not?

  7. grandbaskets says:

    Thanks Lisa for helping me understand Adsense better. I had not clicked the ‘targetable ad placement’ because I didn’t know exactly what that meant. I went immediately after watching your video to my ‘channels’ to change this but when I do…for each one it asks Ads appear on ______________e.g. Sports articles; Electronics homepage not sure what to put for each one… Can you explain how I decide what to put on each. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shan

  8. shain2501 says:

    Usman1875 I’m guessing you live in Pakistan?

  9. izlen2 says:

    @puqaejq ive lost count how much money i spent on these products before i started really making money! but hard work pays off because i now have an awesome mentor and making enough to quit my job. but im not mean so if you want to do the same have a look here –>

  10. a1q2liam says:

    @JURIS2001 did you say pyramid? Pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL!!

  11. MegaPala95 says:

    Yo can you guys visit this -> bit. ly/OxL72g then visitor access #favor

  12. MrandMissConverted says:

    Although ads are now appearing on my YT channel, I have not seen anything on the reports. However, since monetizing YT, the earnings have spiked. What does this mean? Shouldn’t reports say ‘youtube/user…….’? I’m at a loss!

  13. MrandMissConverted says:

    In my Adsense account, ‘Ad Review Center’ does not offer options even though I have had Adsense for well over 1 year. ‘Ad Review Center’ is not even a link. (At the same time, ‘Blocking Options’ appear and works fine.) How can I request to have ‘Ad Review Center’ activated please?

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