Your Authentic Business with Justin Cooper

Your Authentic Business with Justin Cooper
Event on 2013-06-28 12:15:00

nLIVEn is pleased and excited to present a workshop with Justin J. Cooper on:

"How to create your Authentic Business Story"

Do you convert 100% of your leads?

Does your business really stand out from the crowd?

Justin is founder of The Brand Factory and Your Authentic Business, a marketing consultancy and marketing program that helps businesses create an Authentic Business Story that makes a deeper connection with prospects, builds trust faster, and attracts the right customers without the hard sell.

A marketing consultant with over 25 years experience, Justin has marketed global brands, SME’s and start-ups. He firmly believes that successful brands are built on authenticity and a personal connection between what drives the owner/management and what/how they offer their products and services.

In this thought-provoking seminar Justin reveals why authenticity is the key ingredient to marketing your business, how your customers really make buying decisions, and how to build the key elements for your Authentic Business Story.

At the end of the session you will learn:

·     The main benefits of telling an Authentic Business Story

·     How to pitch your business in a way that gets people excited

·     The key steps involved in creating your Authentic Business Story




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