Your robot needs a hug: Bonding with toy gadgets

Your robot needs a hug: Bonding with toy gadgets
Spend a little time on those sites interacting with the locals and a bigger picture emerges of a community of admitted obsessives who have crossed the human-robot bridge already. As RedwoodsMama, a frequent contributor to BobthePleo forum, put it, “One …
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Curiosity inspects 'shaler' outcrop on descent to Yellowknife Bay drill target
Along the way just days ago on Sol 120 (Dec 7, 2012) she stopped to inspect a huge outcrop of layered rocks dubbed 'Shaler' and snapped dozens of high resolution photos with the Navcam and Mastcam cameras. To catch a human's eye view of the …
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CLUTCH Reveal Album Artwork for Earth Rocker Announce Initial North
The artwork was created by Nick Lakiotes, long time CLUTCH art director, who has worked on previous efforts including: Robot Hive/Exodus and Strange Cousins From the West. CLUTCH has announced the initial dates for the first leg of the North American …

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