Your Work Well Done, Your Noble Ideas, For All To Wear

(PRWEB) August 20, 2006

24caratlinks is a place for all people to share ideas, under the slogan your work well done, your noble ideas, for all to wear. If you have an idea no matter how silly it is that you would like to let people know about, feel free to submit it.

In 24caratlinks we believe everyone can be creative. By sharing your idea and allowing others to edit your idea and add extra things to it such as images,concept drawings etc. this way you will see that what started as a small simple idea can grow into a bigger one and maybe one day you see your idea come to life. By using the same concept of MEDIAWIKI will make it easy for people who are familiar with the WIKI pages to add/edit ideas to 24caratlinks. So got an idea you want to share it with the world? Be our guest


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