Your World for You . Malibu

Your World for You . Malibu
Event on 2013-10-12 12:00:00


Malibu – Saturday, October 12


You want to grow your business and brand.
You are ready to go the next level for your business and yourself.

You are seeking more understanding of marketing for your small business.

You want to learn how to share your brand story online.
You are trying to build a plan to empower your business

But are not sure how.


A 3-hour LIVE workshop, on Malibu Beach: GUARANTEED

  • Creating your brand promise and story
  • Learning how to create engaging content for your social platforms
  • Understanding the social + digital platforms that matter
  • Connecting the dots between online and offline marketing
  • Building a plan for action

At the end of our 3 hours together, you will leave with a clear vision of the why, what and how of storytelling in YOUR social world and you will be prepared to create and share your world and grow your biz in the process.


October 12, 2012
12:00AM-3:00PM Pacific time



Business Owners, Salon Owners, Brand Owners, Beauty Solopreneurs, Car Dealers, Realtors, Lawyers, Marketing Managers, Finance Companies, Supplement Companies

How Much?

9  investment, includes catered refreshments for a minimum total of 3 hours of group and individual coaching at the beach.

The fine print.

I recommend being your own beach chair, shade and  laptop computer for our time together, althought this is by no means required.  A pad and a pencil/pen will do nicely on the beach, and I will not be designing your web pages during this event either.  I encourage you to invite your managers and directors, as well.  Maybe you can get them to put it on the clock for you. I will provide proof of attendance.  213-840-7765

The format will be "huddle" style.  You should ideally also bring cameras, for workshop experimentation.  The session will be highly individual, and catered to your particular needs, so bring your situation, and we will make some progress. There will be some group exercises as well, to reinforce some key principles, and we will even do some physical exercising, so definitely come in beach style clothing, maybe even a little athletic, to sweat and clear the head for a whole new world which is waiting for you when you do online marketing right.

If there are a lot of sign ups, the event will proceed, after the beach, and some great work there,  to a second, nearby location for the 1st Formal Malibu Online Teach-In  Event Reception and Celebration, so bring a change of clothing. It's Malibu.

The WWW.BOOOM.COM Promise. 

If you do not feel you got what you wanted or needed, you will get one event session for free, the following week. You could think of it as a standing two-for-one offer, only available if you can explain which part of the first session you should have learned, and did not learn. A private (2 hour) telephone session may also be substituted, instead of the following week beach session under certain circumstances.


at Malibu Beach, California
Zuma Beach Access Rd
Malibu, United States

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