Yourwellness Magazine Debates Tattoos effect on Employability

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 25 March 2013

There was a time when a tattoo told the world that you were a sailor, a rock star, a biker, or that youd done time, but these days that isnt the case. Tattoos are more acceptable and fashionable than theyve ever been, but theyre also difficult to remove, and, according to a recent panel, having a tattoo can affect a persons employability and workplace wellness.

With this in mind, Yourwellness Magazine asked its readers; should you get a tattoo? As you might expect, those for tattoos saw them as an expression of creativity and personality, and even as a work of art, whilst others deemed them silly or tacky. However, both sides agreed that tattoos are best kept on areas of the body that can be easily hidden, in case of employers who arent too keen on ink.

For reader Jade, each of her five tattoos is a well-thought out expression of her individuality. I got my first tattoo on my lower back, five years ago, and I still love it and always will. I get lots of compliments when I show off my body art. It gives me confidence and helps me define who I am. She added that taking the time to choose the right tattoo and the right, reputable tattooist, who follows good hygiene practices, means that no one will have a reason to regret it later on in life.

However, Finlay argued that tattoos that look good and fashionable on a 21 year-old, will look out-of-date and tacky in 30 years time. Of course, aside from regretting the choice of design, tattoos come with a lot of health risks. If a tattooist doesnt follow the correct procedures, you could be putting yourself at risk of catching an infectious disease such as hepatitis or HIV. He also noted that having a tattoo sends the wrong message to employers, which could definitely harm your career prospects.

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