Yourwellness Magazine Investigates HIV Vaccine Strategy

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 4 April 2013

At the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC, WHO presented proposals that they said could significantly reduce the transmission of HIV. Every year, more than a million more people in low- and middle-income countries start taking antiretroviral drugs, but for every person who starts treatment, another two are newly infected. Further scale-up and strategic use of the medicines could radically change this, said Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General, WHO.

Dr Gottfried Hirnschall, Director of the HIV Department at WHO, added, If we can get, and keep, more people on treatment, and reduce their virus levels, we can reduce the number of new people who are infected. The organisation urged that there needs to be more strategic use of antiretrovirals, such as offering treatment to HIV positive pregnant women, and partners of HV sufferers, regardless of the strength of his or her immune system. WHO commented that it is currently reviewing recent studies that point to the potential health benefits of giving ARVs earlier, before the immune system starts to weaken.

With this in mind, Yourwellness Magazine reported on an innovative new vaccine to prevent HIV infection. Produced by the Texas Biomedical Research Institute (, who have applied for a patent for the genetically-engineered vaccine strategy, the vaccine works by targeting the outer layers of body structures that are the first sites of contact with the virus.

Yourwellness Magazine reported, The vaccine will have a molecule and stem cell gene tagged to target epithelial cells, that combined, will promote the production of antibody-producing cells. Thus, the epithelial layer will continuously release new antibody-producing cells and not be eliminated by the bodys immune response. The article also noted that the vaccine is designed to be a single dose and last a lifetime, and could be adapted for use against other infections.

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