YouTube and Joost

YouTube and Joost

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My MacBook connected through DVI / HDMI with next generation TV: YouTube and Joost.

Check the video I made.

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  1. _Pacino_ says:

    you should send me an invite to joost:) I signed up a few weeks ago but nope no emails that I can get it :( so unhappy.. I’m jealous, send me an invitation :)

  2. says:

    I don’t have any ‘invitation tokens’ yet .. sorry :)

  3. Starboy* says:

    I desperately need a Joost Invite please! I can trade it for Gmail and Demonoid Invites! dr_zoitberg(at)

  4. Fabricat says:

    Joost Invitations Available at JOOST FOR EVERYONE PROJECT Have a look at my Gallery on the side bar of

  5. AndreZ says:

    I would LOVE an invitation. Please? amartorell[at]

  6. Randall62 says:

    If you do come across invites and care to share, I will put you on my list of folks of whom I shall return a great favor to Kind Regards,

  7. -Alii Jones says:

    Amazing shot!

  8. Alchemy Content says:

    We used this in our Slideshare presentation: Looks really good. Thanks for sharing.

  9. HarrisonPickle says:

    Hey, are you a YouTube Addict? Join the YouTube Addicts group!

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