Youtube awesomeness

Youtube awesomeness

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I love when big sites don’t lose their humor

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For the people who can’t figure out humor – youtube was not hacked – it was a "site down" message from the youtube peeps. They are just cooler than you.

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5 Responses to Youtube awesomeness

  1. Effie3 says:

    But I dont’ fully get it, can someone explain where that phrase came from?

  2. seijik says:

    here you go:

  3. Effie3 says:

    Oh! That IS awesomeness — it’s just awesomeness that went completely over my head! Thank you for the schooling.

  4. quakehead says:

    Hahaha! Not Hacked, Just Pushing! see this They actually pointed to this page!

  5. peymon says:

    here’s the actual "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" video.

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