YouTube beats off $1bn Viacom copyright case once AGAIN

YouTube beats off bn Viacom copyright case once AGAIN
YouTube has always argued that users are responsible for the footage that's uploaded, and it's happy to pull any copyrighted content once it gets a takedown notice. US District Judge Louis Stanton agrees with the cat-video-hosting service, saying it …
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Court hands another defeat to Viacom in never-ending YouTube lawsuit
But last year, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit partially overturned that ruling, finding that YouTube employees may have been aware of specific cases of infringement and failed to act on that information. It asked a trial …
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YouTube Beats Viacom in Copyright Case, Again
In essence, he argues that YouTube and its corporate owner Google enjoy broad protection against copyright violation claims because of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act — just like YouTube and Google have argued. Not surprisingly, Viacom says it …
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