YouTube – Being J Star

YouTube – Being J Star

Image by BrittneyBush
On YouTube: Kitchen jammie dance mania!


17 thoughts on “YouTube – Being J Star

  1. LOL, brit, you are my hero!!!! I love the head shaky thang you got going on there, PLUS, the "white girl pursed lips" thing that you know we all do! the best part is the end, with the "oh!" squeak. i subscribed to you. i actually have a subscription to you.

  2. yes, it should come with a tote bag or something. but please don’t send me constant reminders that my brittney subscription is going to expire and i need to act now!

  3. I had the pleasure of watching this without the sound on. Now that’s comedy:) It almost looks like the dog gets a treat and channels his enthusiam through you. Or, maybe those are some wierd ass dog treats and you ate one or two.

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