YouTube Fail

YouTube Fail

Image by jurvetson
a feed for our robo overlords…

And ironically, it arose when trying to view my video of the Google Robocar

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8 Responses to YouTube Fail

  1. Dr DAD (Daniel A D'Auria MD) says:

    LOL! If you see the monkeys take more wildlife photos!

  2. solerena says:

    If crows can use a vending machine, monkeys can use computers…all they need is education:) people would not figure out how to do it without training either…

  3. jerryfi_99 says:

    And with an infinite number of monkeys in front of the keyboard, they’ll eventually type out the complete works of Shakespeare…. The thing to do is to keep them focused on the job at hand… Shakespeare or robocar? That is the question 😉

  4. A Tout Le Monde says:

    A friend of mine said he trained monkeys to fly airplanes while in the Air Force, I didn’t believe him until he showed me photos. Later I saw the movie, Project X, and figured out what he was doing.

  5. flapjack1066 says:

    All the monkeys need is some time. It required finite monkeys and finite time to produce the works of Shakespeare the first time around.

  6. thepretenda says:


  7. jurvetson says:

    So I’m reading the new book Robopocalypse, which is a most excellent read, and on p.101 (binary no less), I witness the zero hour of the uprising: "The cars… The cars are hunting people and there’s nobody in them and, oh my god. Run! The smart cars have come alive. Other vehicles too. They’re on autopilot and killing people."

    By the same roboticist Ph.D. author as the earlier primer on how to survive the whole gambit: Be Prepared

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