YouTube is helping criminals to Steal from Users and Bands

YouTube is helping criminals to Steal from Users and Bands

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Free picture about the best American YouTube company that is helping digital criminals to steal rights and content from international users. This crime scene image was created for you by the creator of the disputed video of This screen-shot can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

The disputed video was here:

The video is now deleted, because YouTube threatened to delete the account. ONE public concert video can be a valid reason to delete your account with all of your videos. YouTube is great !

The video was recorded in Germany, by a German user, during a public concert of The Cinematics band from Scotland, in 2009. It was published soon after the concert. YouTube changed the publishing date to March 7, 2012 and claimed that it belongs to Reservoir Media now. They change facts and copy rights at random. There is no way to legally win this for them. Judges and lawyers will rub their hands with greed, becasue they get paid anyway.

The band was signed to TVT Records in 2005, after playing at the gig in Manchester. In July 2011, the band had split up before completing their third album, which remains unreleased, but the band did make one track available for free on their Facebook page.

Youtube is helping to steal the rights from the broken-up band and from the users of Youtube, who uploaded concert videos to the Internet.

Reservoir Media is an American company and was founded in 2007. Reservoir Media aggressively pursues new marketing opportunities and revenue streams. In 2010, Reservoir Media Management acquired 100% of the assets of the band, "The Cinematics", which had formerly been administered by TVT Music Enterprises LLC.

YouTube is helping Reservoir Media to steal privately recorded videos from users who went to public concerts and uploaded their videos to YouTube. German law is protecting the authors, who create content from public events. It is not applicable that the US law is used on German users.

USA is the greatest country for stealing legally. YouTube should be aware of the fiscal debt in Europe. The European governments are hungry for money. They will very likely extract millions from YouTube, if they continue to provide assistance to the violation of the European law.

As it is now, it would be illegal, if the band themselves would upload their own music videos to YouTube.

UK should protect British bands that are exploited by US companies and left with no rights. This great band would be still playing concerts and make a decent living, if they had the rights to play their own music in public. is personally OK. The issue here is that the legal mess in the US is hurting the music, the musicians, the fans, the customers and the freedom to share our memories and experiences on the Internet.

The Cinematics band was hurt the most. You can hear an interview from one of the band members after the band gave up. He is too polite for what had happened:

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  1. The band was great. You can hear the thousands of people cry on their Facebook page. Many still do not know how this band was destroyed by the greedy copyright mongers.

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