YouTube Keyword Tool Tutorial: How To Get More Views

Picking tags for your videos are critical to getting more views to your YouTube videos. One tool I found works really well is YouTube’s keyword suggestion to…
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21 thoughts on “YouTube Keyword Tool Tutorial: How To Get More Views

  1. Thanks, yeah likes and subs are one of those things you have to really think about. Obviously the more of those you have the more potential eyeballs could be viewing your content. I guess it depends on what the person is doing with their channel if there really important or not

  2. Nice vid man, I’m updating my vids now. A little digression, I’m on the fence though about going after the likes/subs overtly. But man, they are like M&Ms to a starving man- such delicious, delicious candy. I know exactly what you mean by loving each and every little “like”.

  3. Nothing wrong with that at at all. But if they can’t find your videos they won’t have that option they just won’t watch those videos because they can’t be found

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