YouTube SEO – 5 Step Formula To Dominate YouTube & Google. “YouTube SEO” – In this video we discuss YouTube SEO and Video Optimization — how to optimise your YouTube videos and your YouTube channel. You can expect to get a lot of traffic from YouTube and Google is you optimise correctly and what I want to do in this video is show you my 5 Step Formula I use whenever I create a video to enable me to get a lot more views, to be shared and “go viral” and also get a lot more traffic back to my website. Now the first step is KEYWORDS. Now, there is a lot of software out there to help, something I use on a regular basis is the Google Keyword Tool — just Google it and you’ll find it. You can then work out what keywords you want to target — keywords that are relevant and profitable (not fr*ee tips for example). So work out what your keywords are that are going to help you target those because that’s what’s going to help you get a ton of traffic. The tip here is to choose a keyword that has low competition and high search volume. That’s really important as that’s going to help you rank on the first page of Google and on the first page of YouTube. The 2nd step is about creating real high-quality CONTENT. So what you’re creating your videos think about your best and most valuable tips that you can give to people because you’re much more likely to be shared then. Video is much more likely to go viral as people share video and as a result if you can share some awesome tips on what you’re discussing, people will share it with
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  2. My recent experience has been seeing a drop in rankings of my authoritative sites that I have knowledge in and value to offer. But for my little niche sites that I know nothing about I’m seeing consistant and even higehr rankings. Google is not doing well lately.

  3. I like Search engine optimization. I have learned that Yahoo is making lots of changes to search engine optimization and ranking nowadays. Youtube brings lots of web site traffic for the sites. This really is frequently unquestionably.

  4. Appreciate showing me much more suggestions about Search engine optimization and ways to dominate Google’s ranking system. Would the same task work with mobile

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