YouTube SEO and Video Marketing with Bart Miller

YouTube SEO expert Bart Miller sat down with us and had a great conversation about video marketing and YouTube SEO. He’s got a great program to help anybody learn to rank their videos on the front page of YouTube.
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13 thoughts on “YouTube SEO and Video Marketing with Bart Miller

  1. This video really inspired and motivated me. I had a viral video in 2011, but since then kinda went cold and got discouraged. By utilizing these tips and pumping out quality content consistently, 2013 will be my biggest year yet! Thank you!

  2. Great information! I was happy when YouTube made the tags private, it made all my hard work a lot harder to copy. The most important thing to take from the video is testing new strategies and experimenting. A few experiments I tested on older videos helped me rank them on the first page of search results for different keywords.

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