YouTube Video SEO Tips :: Magnet Minute (video)

More on the blog: This week on the Magnet Minute, Amy shares advice for optimizing YouTube videos in order to get more views…

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5 Responses to YouTube Video SEO Tips :: Magnet Minute (video)

  1. Magnet Media, Inc. says:

    VIDEO: On this week’s Magnet Minute, +Amy Schmittauer provides useful YouTube Video SEO Tips -

  2. ShrewdEmpath says:

    Thank you for these strategies. You always point out the free advertising opportunities that never occured to me e.g. your channel’s name in the description/tagging. And your positivity goes a long way too. 

  3. Fitness On The Run says:

    Great tips. Good confirmation I’m on the right track. Thanks!

  4. Karl Wolfgramm says:

    Well this was a straight to the point video! Would like to hear your thought with the Google+ and YouTube integration, would that help towards SEO?

  5. Tom Tropic (Electro...) says:

    great tips

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