YouTube’s ready to select a winner

Thanks for all your great entries. YouTube finally has enough videos to begin selecting a winner. What do you think is the #bestvideo on YouTube? We’ve been …
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21 Responses to YouTube’s ready to select a winner

  1. xInsomniacDreamerx says:

    Not a fail. It was a build up to this video. /watch?v=HGeMGqVKD6A&feature=etp-pd-jke Which posted on April first.

  2. Untitledgameshow says:

    I won! woo. wait what did i win? lol

  3. imgonnabefamoussoon says:

    It’s a April fools prank

  4. Kelly Thach says:


  5. Evan Feist says:

    its a april fools

  6. Steve Johnson says:


  7. TheCreeperkill4 says:

    Who still buys a MP3 player

  8. ThesLostOnes says:

    Very hard to desi there so many I’m crying ever fucking year

  9. DandierMonster9 says:


  10. billiebob4123 says:

    ur the idiot. it maybe march 31st over here but it might be april 1st over there. I guess u donmt know the time differences in countries

  11. Aidan Mahoney says:

    Still making vids

  12. Megan Peters says:

    April fools prank

  13. 99aceboy says:

    Fail for YouTube. Uploaded on 31st march and not April Fools. Idiots

  14. ComedyExplosion55 says:


  15. Tara Jam says:

    Was I the only one who started tearing up when i saw this on April first?

  16. Angel Olivas says:

    They’re just joking

  17. djshawty13 says:

    BULL SHIT!!!

  18. DreAndreas says:

    mixbit created by the co founder of youtube, said youtube is gonna shut down


    Omg it’s a April fools why does everyone think its real

  20. Lopler2 says:

    I know its not being shut down but they said 150,000 videos… How many does Machinima have? like 250k right?

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