ZeekRewards investors can now file claims

ZeekRewards investors can now file claims
Investors must submit their personal information, including their phone numbers, email addresses, the dollar amount they invested with ZeekRewards and their user name with the company. The claim also asks whether the person filing is an affiliate, …
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We need to talk about masculinity
Second, and just as importantly, there have always been men who were too poor, too queer, too sensitive, too disabled, too compassionate or simply too clever to submit to whatever model of "masculinity" society relied upon to keep its wars fought and …
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Inside Strongbox, the Hyper-Secure Inbox Built by Aaron Swartz
His interest in free information, privacy and anonymity led him to co-create the Tor project—a way to host and view websites totally anonymous. In other words, the Darknet. To submit documents to Strongbox, users first download and install software to …
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