Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review

See how the World Searched with Google’s 2010 Zeitgeist: http://google.com/zeitgeist2010 Re-live top events and moments from 2010 from around the globe throu…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review

  1. Oscarnodwannabe says:

    …Rent is still too damn high

  2. ahmad rahma says:

    ان الدردشة روعة

  3. ahmad rahma says:


  4. Joshkour says:

    So Far…

  5. Gruja Novakovic says:


  6. little luz says:

    2011 is the best video and very touching.

  7. Antyklub says:

    It was good year, but it was a shocking too for Poland.

  8. Jezvex says:

    2008 + 2009 where really awesome years! And those fucking social networks weren’t so important and vitals for people like now are. People just were simpler and more natural in that timeframe … missing those days :)

  9. Jezvex says:

    What happened to you so cool in that year? :)

  10. Jezvex says:

    Why? If I can ask you …

  11. Jezvex says:

    I was searching the 2009 Zeitgeist because was a really interesting year for me. Anyways I really like this 2010 version too :)

  12. Ali Haisham says:

    Mine too :’) 

  13. Harry kormer says:

    People need to let go of god and become an atheist. I had to tell my mother this the other day when she was washing me in the bath. I said “mother i fell the time has come to tell you that i am an atheist, i no longer believe in the one you call god, i believe in something quite different” She carried on washing me in the bath and stroking my willy like she does and she said “It’s probably just a phase, you will grow out of it” I said “NO! mother, it is not just a fucking phase”

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