Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

See how the world searched with Google’s 2012 Zeitgeist: www.google.com Music: “All I Want” by Kodaline Video production by Whirled Creative

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22 Responses to Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

  1. ManoNickHD says:

    Salve Salve gatinha,Salve Salve Rapaziada.

  2. Robby Amundson says:

    i think you mean the guy without the legs, and to answer your question yes, and he had a really lame plan to get away with it

  3. therealorberon says:

    where can we hear the song instrumentals? without the lyrics?

  4. greyskull32 says:

    Didnt that guy with the legs kill his girlfriend?

  5. Bob Delanu says:

    Dont hate your life because you live in India

  6. Dez Martin says:

    Well we’ve got a couple hundred million starving children to feed before we start the circlejerk.

  7. Nathan Maxwell says:

    Mankind who invented the Harlem Shake?

  8. Fernando Munez says:

    im looking forward for Zeitgeist 2013.

  9. Pipobatti says:

    You’re not badass bro, please try again

  10. ALAN JOSE says:

    What the fuck?

  11. Charlie Evans says:

    00:17 Oscar Pistorious

  12. Megan isabelleaclove says:

    i luv this!

  13. Stas Antipov says:


  14. Sandwichprotector420 says:

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  15. massey4business says:

    Fucking murderer at 0:13

  16. Workdaystinky says:

    Google thank you for being there… you are the real Dr. Know.

  17. Charly Moirano says:

    2:27 – 2:28 i know that face hhahhaha can’t belive they put it on the video

  18. Magdalena Kardasz says:

    Du bist der beste

  19. steven cooke says:

    Thanks, PIStorius for not quite ruining this video, but significantly marring what is otherwise an inspiring tribute to 2012. (Though I guess Egypt’s descent into autocracy isn’t helping either).

  20. jerry5909 says:

    space is only my use .don’t play games on space area.they will teach you how to punish .

  21. jerry5909 says:

    see,i don’t like hell.if you all want hell i can alove .but don’t pray to any god &don’t use my unvisible name.no any god except me.mind it .you can requst face to face in hell with out me.i don’t like pray .pray means acting only for cheating fce 2face all devils in hell.

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