1. No worries, just keep making great music. I am still upset I missed you at the Bacchanal at Six Flags when it came to Atlanta (not a lot of promotion for the show) and I have been trying to find some of your other songs, but I haven’t had much luck. I look forward to picking up the album when it hits the internet. Hope to get you to come back to Atlanta soon.

  2. Ziggy, I think your music is great. Are you going to put any of it online? I can’t find you on Google or iTunes. I can’t find your music anywhere in Atlanta.

  3. I saw Ziggy rankin Perform today in trincity mall and heard this tun e,, IT MASSIVE trust meh – and the best thing about a true artist is he sounds great live and Ziggy Rankin you sound better live Boss yuh have full support keep delivering good music

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