Zombies with Benn – Benn | (Part 1) Halo Vs. Call of Duty (Marketing) (with. Wangtim3)

Welcome back to PLAYtheGAMEcentral. In this video, Benn and Wangtim3 return to PLAYtheGAME and discuss the differences between the Halo Franchise and the Call of Duty franchise. ………………………………………………………………………………. If you want to see more from this director: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Be sure to subscribe to our BRAND NEW channels: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com —————————- COMMUNITY LINKS —————————- For the Official PLAYtheGAME SWAG Store: playthegame.spreadshirt.co.uk Get a 10% Discount on ANY KontrolFreek purchase www.kontrolfreek.com Promo code: PlaytheGame For instant updates follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com or @playthegameco For community updates follow our Facebook page: www.facebook.com Be sure to visit our community forum: www.playthegame.co Thanks for your support! – The PTG Team

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13 Responses to Zombies with Benn – Benn | (Part 1) Halo Vs. Call of Duty (Marketing) (with. Wangtim3)

  1. Tomatthanex says:

    Play COD, then play Halo. Then tell me which is harder.

  2. Tomatthanex says:

    you can create your own map -__-

  3. jynzx says:

    9:07 OHAI DER

  4. ytsejamer007 says:

    hahahahahahahaha nigger lol love Joe

  5. Ross Betts says:

    i didnt no what els to say

  6. slayer56429 says:

    Wangtime sounds like he has a cold

  7. thecurt1201 says:

    um…. ok. no response really

  8. Kobebeef44 says:

    halo is trash everything after halo 3 is horrible

  9. QuickZzCLAN says:

    yea pretty much.

  10. Skate2Crew says:

    The only way to prove it is to play it and see for yourself :D

  11. zippo685 says:

    Massive PTG Halo Sexy Time? Sounds awesome.

  12. thecurt1201 says:

    that made no sense in what u just said. but they didnt put it in WAW cause they didnt even know zombies would go this far, and they didnt put itt in BO cause BO i personally think for zombies was an experiment to see what we like and dislike.

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