US, British strikes seek to reverse jihadist advances

US, British strikes seek to reverse jihadist advances
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California governor signs 'gun violence restraining order' law
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After-hours buzz: EBay, Synacor, Yahoo & more
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals – The Canadian biotech that developed a promising drug to treat Ebola surged in after-hours trading after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first case of the disease had been diagnosed in the United …
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SEO for start ups

SEO for start ups
Event on 2014-10-14 18:30:00

SEO for start ups

Tuesday 14 October – 6.30pm-8.30pm

at Desklodge

Starting a business only happens once, so it's essential to get your SEO and content-driven customer acquisition strategy right. Turn clicks into money. Even basic Search Engine Optimization can significantly improve your start up website performance. Find how and why you should focus on organic traffic. Simply and without jargon.

In this class you will learn:


  • Plan your websites to be SEO friendly.
  • Research keywords like a pro
  • Use a gap analysis to find opportunities 
  • Backlink building – DO's and DON'Ts
  • Measure impact of taffic improvements
  • Split between brand / non-brand traffic


Lukasz Zelezny

Lukasz Zelezny is the head of organic acquisition at, a UK based price comparison website with offices in London. Leading his team, he is responsible for the brandís organic visibility, conversion rate, traffic and engagement. Lukasz is a hands-on person, he spends lots of his time keeping up to date with the changes in the technology of online marketing.

Lukasz started his career in 2005 and has since been responsible for the organic performance of a number of companies including HomeAway, Thomson Reuters, The Digital Property Group and Fleetway Travel.

He is a graduate from the Silesian University of Technology with a BA in Marketing.



at DeskLodge,
York House,
Islington, United Kingdom

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Prenatal Supplement Samples Now Offered By NutriGold

Orem, UT (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

To make it easy for new customers looking for a nutritional supplement brand they can trust, NutriGold is shipping complimentary samples of its prenatal multivitamins to consumers. A website has been set up to make taking advantage of this offer fast and easy:

NutriGolds Prenatal Multi Gold is a synergistic complex of food-based nutrients extracted from certified organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs AND whole-food nutrients cultured in a Body Ready Active Nutrient Matrix that includes nutritional Baker’s Yeast S. cerevisiae and other vital nutrients like Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), CoQ10, complex carbohydrates (beta-1,3-glucans and mannans), dietary fiber, and glutathione. It does not contain any vitamins or minerals in the synthetic form. Prenatal Multi GOLD does not contain any animal-derived ingredients and is, therefore, suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

According to Priya Khan, Director of Research and Development at NutriGold, “We know that every time customers purchase one of our products, they are entrusting us with their most precious asset: their own health or the health of a loved one and this is not a responsibility we take lightly. This is the reason one of the most important principles that guides product development at NutriGold is Do no harm. While the overall goal is to develop a product that is both safe AND effective, our first and primary objective is to ensure that our products do not present any risk to our customers health. To this end, every lot of our raw materials and finished products is tested for purity, including microbial contaminants, adulterants (if any), heavy metals, aflatoxins, residual solvents, residual pesticides, and allergens. At NutriGold, we consider ensuring every product is safe as our most basic professional, moral, and ethical obligation to our customers.”


For product samples of NutriGold supplements, please visit


NutriGold is a science-based nutraceutical company committed to identifying, developing, and offering cutting-edge nutraceutical products. With a portfolio of best-in-class products at reasonable prices backed by unmatched service, NutriGold is not just raising the bar on quality, but is helping define the standards for the rest of the industry to follow and this is reflected in its:

+ Use of non-GMO, organic, whole-food, and clinically-proven ingredients

+ Uncompromising efforts to manufacture products without artificial ingredients, Stearates, Laurates, Sulfates, and Dioxides

+ Voluntary, extensive third party testing of all raw materials and finished products for identity, purity, potency, and safety

+ Resolute efforts to ensure that all products are free of contaminants, adulterants, allergens, and GMOs

+ Unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and truth in advertising

+ Initiatives to educate consumers so they can make informed decisions that affect their health


Phone: 1-866-224-4680


Google Plus:


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Dialogue in the Dark Experience

Dialogue in the Dark Experience
Event on 2014-10-01 10:00:00
The mission of Dialogue in the Dark (Global) is to facilitate social inclusion of marginalized people on a global basis.

Our goal is to raise awareness and create tolerance for Otherness in the general public, thereby overcoming barriers between “us” and “them”. We create jobs for disadvantaged people by turning deficits into potentials and thereby strengthen the self-esteem of individuals who are typically under-valued.

To achieve our goal we operate exhibitions as well as business workshops and events.

The concept is simple. In the exhibition, the visitors embark on the journey through darkness escorted by a well trained guide exploring darkened galleries: eg. a public park, a bustling city street, a food market, a boat, a café, to name a few. Within this new paradigm, guides open the visitors’ eyes to experience a different world.

Entrance tickets :
RM30 for adult above 18 years old
RM25 for youth between 13 to 17 years old
RM20 for child above 7 years old

For more info, please contact us at 03-58916212 or

at The School
Block J Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya
, Malaysia

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Online-Strategie & Content-Marketing – authentisch & planvoll! 3 Tage/Fort.

Online-Strategie & Content-Marketing – authentisch & planvoll! 3 Tage/Fort.
Event on 2014-10-16 09:00:00
Wie Sie mit einer authentischen Strategie Kunden begeistern und Umsätze steigern – Ein Intensivworkshop!

3 Tage – 2 Tage Theorie & Übungen, dann eine Woche später 1 Tag, um die eigene Strategie zu reflektieren und anzupassen.

Sie wollen Ihre Kunden über die digitalen & sozialen Medien erreichen, sie auf sich aufmerksam machen, sie an sich binden und/ oder Ihre Produkte verkaufen? Sie wünschen sich eine klare, authentische und konsistente Strategie, die sie noch dazu selbst und mit geringen Mitteln umsetzen können? Sie sind bereit, sich dafür ins Zeug zu legen und aktiv zu werden?

Dann sind die Intensiv-Workshops „Online-Strategien & Content-Marketing für Kreative“ das Richtige für Sie! Hier erarbeiten Sie sich konkrete Strategien und Handlungspläne, die Sie sofort praktisch nutzen können. Sie erhalten Einblick in Instrumente und Trends, sowie realistische Einschätzungen zu verschiedenen Kanälen und deren Nutzen. Sie erlernen konkrete Kniffe für die praktische Umsetzung. Sie werden durch Aufgaben vor, während und nach dem Workshop gefordert. Zudem profitieren Sie von Anregungen und Feedback der anderen TeilnehmerInnen und einer erfahrenen Beraterin. Am Ende haben Sie mittels eines systematischen Leitfadens Ihre eigene Online-Strategie entwickelt bzw. verfeinert und können diese für Ihren Erfolg im Web anwenden.

Kleine Teilnehmergruppe: max. 10 Teilnehmer!


Die Workshops sind auf zwei Zielgruppen  aufgeteilt: Fortgeschrittene und Profis. Dieser Workshop richtet sich an Fortgeschrittene.



Sie werden eine zu Ihnen passende Online-Strategie erarbeiten, die Ihre Marke und Ihr Produktversprechen klar verständlich im digitalen Raum positioniert. Sie formulieren messbare Ziele, entwickeln eine Kommunikations- und Marketing-Strategie und wählen passende Kanäle und Maßnahmen aus, die realistisch in ihr Zeitbudget passen.


Am Ende halten Sie Ihr Online-Strategie-Poster und Ihren Maßnahmenplan für die nächsten Monate in den Händen, die Sie bei Ihrer täglichen Arbeit unterstützen.


Sie nutzen die digitalen Medien bereits hier und dort, um auf sich und ihre Arbeit aufmerksam zu machen, jedoch noch nicht systematisch und geplant.


Sie haben bereits eine Präsenz im Web (Website, Blog oder Shop) und nutzen Social Media Plattformen aktiv.


3 Tage, Fr 23.8. + Sa 24.8. + Fr 29.8.2014

3 Tage, Do 16.10. + Fr 17.10 + Fr 24.10.2014

jeweils 9-16 Uhr

Vor dem Seminar erhalten Sie Aufgaben, um Ihren Status quo und Ihren Handlungsbedarf zu erfassen. Sie präsentieren diese zum Seminar-Einstieg. In der Woche zwischen den Seminartagen erhalten Sie Aufgaben, die Ihnen helfen, Ihre ersten Ergebnisse praktisch zu testen und weiter zu entwickeln.


"Ich habe einen sehr wichtigen Aspekt für meinen USP gefunden. Ich konnte eine Social Media Perspektive für mich identifizieren und eine Strategie erarbeiten – ein Thema, das mir schon länger unter den Nägeln brannte. Sehr gut fand ich den Schwerpunkt auf Hebel! Das Identifizieren von Prioritäten, 20/80." Timea G., Mighty Vintage

"Die Verbindung von Unternehmensstrategie und digitaler Strategie ist für mich fassbarer geworden. Dadurch kann ich mich besser auf mein Ziel konzentrieren." Petra A., eigenes Fashion-Label und Online-Shop

"Ich habe Personas kennengelernt. Die Beispiele waren sehr konkret und das Feedback inspirierend. Vielen Dank!" N.S., eigenes Fashion-Label und Online-Shop

"Ich habe Klarheit über meine unternehmerischen Ziele gewonnen. Ich konnte Einblicke in digitale Tools, Maßnahmen und Strategien bekommen und eine Online-Strategie für mein Unternehmen entwickeln." Inna Luft, Videoartist

"Intensiv! Super Arbeitsmaterialien, gute Beispiele und technische Tools. Sympathische Kursleiterin." F.R. eigenes Fashion-Label und Online-Shop

Für einen noch konkreteren Einblick in den Ablauf und Inhalt des Workshops schauen Sie in die folgende Slideshare-Präsentation: Online-Strategie und Content-Marketing – authentisch Kunden begeistern und Umsätze steigern! von mir, Viktoria Trosien

at Berlin
Wattstraße 10-13
Berlin, Germany

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In the Shadow of Hurricane Sandy, Green Crown Energy Expert Paul Errigo to Speak at the HFMA Expo on the Human, Economic and Environmental Benefits of Cogeneration

Belleville, New Jersey (PRWEB) September 27, 2014

A record number of attendees and exhibitors are expected to fill The Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City for the 38th Annual New Jersey Healthcare Financial Management Association (NJ HFMA) Expo on Oct. 8-10. One of the featured speakers at the popular event will be energy industry expert Paul Errigo, director of business development for GREENCROWN Energy LLC, who will address the human, economic and environmental benefits of Cogeneration.

Energy-related topics have never been so timely for hospitals and healthcare facilities both from a patient safety and financial standpoint, Errigo said. Certainly, with the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy rapidly approaching, we all remember the importance of having dependable power at hospitals when so many diesel-powered generators failed in time of crisis.

HFMA, which stages the Healthcare Financial Management Association Expo, is the nations leading organization for healthcare finance leaders with over 40,000 members. Im always proud to speak before these professionals because they are so interested in new technologies and ways to make their hospitals more economically viable and sustainable. Energy-related matters and Cogeneration (CHP) certainly fit that bill, Errigo said. The goal of our presentation is to further educate hospital executives on why Cogen represents an extremely cost-effective alternative for not only reining in energy costs charged by the utilities, but providing dependable, potentially life-saving power in the event of massive power failures, such as those that occurred during Hurricane Sandy.

The proven savings available to hospitals moving to Cogeneration are significant, Errigo stressed. When we tell audience members that they can cut their energy costs by 40 to 60 percent and that the government may pick up more than 50 percent of the costs, we have their undivided attention,” he recalled.

Errigo, a sought-after speaker on energy, says that HFMA members quickly recognize the value proposition in Cogeneration. They understand that todays on-site CHP power plants require little space and are incredibly efficient, producing very little waste, he explained. For example, with a traditional power plant theres a great deal of waste in the form of valuable heat vented straight into the atmosphere. On the other hand, Cogeneration power plants convert that otherwise wasted heat into usable energy thats readily available to augment existing boilers and chillers for heating, cooling, domestic hot water or steam, and sterilization. HFMA members also appreciate that this reclaimed energy is free of charge since its simply a natural byproduct of Cogen.

Technological advances in Cogeneration make it a practical and economical alternative to reliance on the US Power Grid, Errigo contends. Even the US Department of Energy agrees, saying hospitals are ideal candidates for combined heat and power (CHP) systems because they must remain fully powered up all year round,” he pointed out. “In addition, the efficiencies and cost savings associated with CHP allow healthcare professionals to utilize those savings for other vital services of their choosing.

Errigo, who leads a team of highly experienced cogeneration experts at Green Crown Energy, says hospital or healthcare facilities dont necessarily need to own their on-site CHP Power Plant. After meeting with HFMA members, and getting to fully understand their energy requirements, we very well could recommend a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), he said. With a Power Purchase Agreement, there is no capital outlayzero operating expensesand the client pays only for the energy used at 10 to 15 percent discounted rates. From a financial perspective, this is a boon for budgeting and forecasting, while producing positive cash flow.

Another bonus is that in terms of the environment and public relations, COGEN-powered hospitals and healthcare buildings are able to call themselves green facilities thanks to the super clean way energy is produced, Errigo noted. The Healthcare Financial Management Association is amazing at providing education, analysis and guidance to its membership, and were just proud to help fill in some blanks and answer questions on the topic of Cogeneration at the Expo, he added.

If youre interested in learning more about the role CHP can play in your hospital or buildings, along with the multiple forms of electric and gas procurement programs available, contact an energy adviser at or call 877-308-2727.


GREENCROWN Energy is a full service energy advisory firm specializing in turnkey energy conservation measures, cogeneration systems and energy procurement contracts. GCE provides all development services under one roof, including identifying and obtaining government incentives, project management, design, build, and financing. GCE also provides Power Purchase Agreements for buildings that want an on-site utility with no financial capital investment required, an option that is often attractive to not-for-profit entities, including homeowners associations.

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Quick & Easy: Create Social Media Images [FRI 3 OCT]

Quick & Easy: Create Social Media Images [FRI 3 OCT]
Event on 2014-10-03 09:00:00

Intermediate level (3 hours – hands on)

Our brains are designed to process visual content the fastest: this means that visual storytelling is essential to your online marketing, be it through photos, videos, infographics, memes or GIFs.

Learn to create your own branded images using free online tools, & take home templates to promote yourself effectively on all online channels.

You will also leave with a clear understanding of the type of content suited to your market, and you will take away a list of online resources to create further content (Max. 8 students).

BYO laptop, mouse recommended

Bonuses included

  1. You will also receive ongoing 24/7 access to our private Marketing & Social Media online group
  2. Not only will you gain knowledge to grow your business, but you will also network with like-minded business owners.
  3. Once you finish the course, the support is still there: come in for 2 hours a week, or a month, and we will help you put all that you learned into practice. Small groups with limited numbers, bookings essential.

at Noosa Boardroom
28 Eenie Creek Road
Noosaville, Australia

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VaiSulWeb Partners with SmarterTools Inc.

Rende (CS), Italy (PRWEB) October 01, 2014

VaiSulWeb has partnered with SmarterTools Inc. to distribute SmarterTools software as an authorized lease-reseller.

Under the terms of the partnership, VaiSulWeb will lease the SmarterTools product line, including the SmarterMail mail server, SmarterStats Web log analytics and SEO software, and SmarterTrack customer service software.

Software provided by SmarterTools Inc. is a natural choice for VaiSulWeb as it allows delivering enterprise-grade products that are powerful and easy to use at the same time. Our customers love innovative features that are part of SmarterTools Inc. software and the pace at which those products evolve, incorporating new features. A rich set of APIs allows VaiSulWeb to integrate SmarterTools Inc. software into its existing line of business of applications and services with ease and to design new solutions for its customers.

SmarterMail is a cost-effective Microsoft Exchange alternative, bringing enterprise-level functionality to businesses, ISPs, and Web hosting environments. Features include a rich Webmail interface, file storage, detailed reporting, events/notifications, throttling, email archiving, intrusion detection/prevention, advanced synchronization, out-of-the-box antispam and antivirus and optional add-ons for Exchange ActiveSync, Commtouch Premium Antispam, and Commtouch Zero-hour Antivirus.

SmarterTrack is a powerful help desk application built for tracking, managing, and reporting on customer service and communications, including sales and support issues. Features include a ticket system, live chat, call logs, time logs, Whos On, branding and language support, cost analysis, data mining, reporting, surveys, a task management system, and a knowledge base.

SmarterStats is comprehensive Web log analytics and SEO software that cost-effectively delivers relevant, accurate, and detailed website statistics to help businesses increase conversions and maximize ROI.

About SmarterTools

Founded in 2003, SmarterTools Inc. is an information technology management software company based in Phoenix, Arizona. SmarterTools builds a Windows mail server, customer service software, and Web log analytics and SEO software that simplify and automate the day-to-day IT operations of businesses and hosting environments in over 100 countries. Additional information about SmarterTools Inc. and the SmarterTools product line is available at the company website:

About VaiSulWeb

Founded in 2003, Netcore s.r.l. has been delivering high-quality services for more than 10 years. Its goal has always been to provide the latest technologies and innovative services to its customers. It is collaborating with Microsoft Corp. and about 20 worldwide partners to provide services to 26 countries all over the world. VaiSulWeb is commercial name that is used by Netcore s.r.l. for its services division. More information is available at the company website:

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McAfee Reveals Jimmy Kimmel as the Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2014

McAfee Reveals Jimmy Kimmel as the Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2014
Additional celebrities in the top 10 include Blake Shelton, Britney Spears (holding her place at No.7), and three New Jersey natives: Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Chelsea Handler. As underscored by the recent hacking of female celebrities …
Read more on Rock Hill Herald (press release)

How RAM Scrapers Work: The Sneaky Tools Behind the Latest Credit Card Hacks
RAM scrapers—used recently in the Target and Home Depot breaches to net the hackers data on more than 100 million bank cards collectively—are not new. VISA issued a warning to retailers about their use in 2008. But they've become increasingly …
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Ex-con boyfriend of First Lady Chirlane McCray's top aide went on web rants
Update: Said Noerdlinger in a prepared statement, "I disavow all of these comments 100% and find them reprehensible. As a Black woman raised by white parents, I have always said there is no place in society for racial intolerance. As a woman who has …
Read more on New York Daily News (blog)

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Propel Marketing & Design, Inc. Presents Social Media Made Simple for Small Businesses Workshop

Boynton Beach, Florida (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

Propel Marketing & Design, Inc., a Boynton Beach-based Marketing Agency, is presenting a new hands-on workshop titled: Social Media Made Simple for Small Businesses.

This class is designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs interested in creating an easy to execute social media strategy for their organization.

The exclusive workshop is taking place on Friday, October 17, 2014, at 9:30pm (EDT).

Topics covered at this event include:

How to set up social media business pages correctly
How to create a simple step-by-step social media strategy that will work for any business
How to identify where a company’s ideal audience is interacting online and how to engage with that audience
How to stay current with the content
What time saving tools to use
How to connect the dots from social media to sales!
How to create high quality picture graphics without special software
How (and what) to measure to determine ROI (Return on Investment)
During this three-hour workshop, Propel Marketing & Design will highlight some of the core elements to creating a social media plan that truly works for all types of organization. This program is ideal for any business that is just getting started with social media or currently running an active campaign.

To avoid missing out on this social media class, it is suggested to register as soon as possible as space is limited.

Registration details can be found at

About Propel Marketing & Design, Inc.

Propel Marketing & Design, Inc. is a full-service internet marketing agency, located in Boynton Beach, Florida, that specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, website design, email campaigns, search engine marketing, public relations, graphic design, and marketing workshops. Propel works with clients to create effective and unique marketing strategies to help raise their online profile and support their business objectives. For more information, please visit


Propel Marketing & Design, Inc.

(800) 943-2346

533 E. Ocean Ave.

Suite #2

Boynton Beach, Florida 33435

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