New Book Plugs Leaks in Plumbing & HVAC Profits, Helping Any Contractor

New Book Plugs Leaks in Plumbing & HVAC Profits, Helping Any Contractor
"90% of calls, leads and sales these days will be generated by the web, but the honest truth is that 90% of contractors have no idea about how to market themselves online," explains Nelson. "I have become increasingly aware of this during the last ten …
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SP+ Acts To Block Payment Card Security Incident
CHICAGO, Nov. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On November 3, 2014, SP+, a professional parking facility service provider, received a notice from the company that provides and maintains the payment card systems in some of its parking facilities that an …
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Digital Media Market (TV Focus): M-Commerce, E-Commerce Reviewed in
This report includes key trends, statistics, case studies and analyses on the key sectors, which comprise the TV market including Digital, Pay TV, Online video streaming, Mobile TV and IPTV. It explores the trends occurring in multi-play bundling …
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Escape The Matrix LLC Announces New, Free to the Public Online Marketing Training Courses

Orem, UT (PRWEB) November 26, 2014

Escape The Matrix LLC, a nine-year-old full-service online marketing company, announced today it will make what were previously private training courses available for free to the public.

“As our business has grown, we have decided to not charge for training anymore, but to make it free and readily available so it’s easier to train our staff and customers on SEO, social media marketing, content marketing and other related topics,” says Sherwin. “In addition, there’s a lot of old, or just plain wrong online marketing training in the public domain, so we want to make sure that we provide easily accessible, accurate training to help our staff, our customers, and prospects,” he adds.

The training materials, formerly called “The Vault,” are available now, without an e-mail opt-in, at Current courses cover topics such as:

-Facebook Marketing

-Youtube marketing

-Social media marketing


And more. New content will be added as necessary as online marketing evolves and changes at a fast pace.

Visitors can also ask questions or leave comments on each page of courses, questions will be monitored Mon-Friday 9-5 PM MDT and answered within 24 hours of posting.

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WordPress Learning Journey ( Level 2 )

WordPress Learning Journey ( Level 2 )
Event on 2014-12-02 09:30:00

This is a follow on from our WordPress Level 1 Course and is also aimed at people who are more familiar with WordPress and will help you get to grasps with blogging and social media. 

Topics covered will include: 1. How we use WordPress for Corporate Websites

  • Review of Level 1 course, highlighting the differences between and, and an introduction to the concept of blogging and why it's so important.
  • Intro to how websites work, and how (and why!) it's a great idea to use WordPress as your primary Website Management Software
  • Learn how the Installation and Set-Up process works to activate WordPress on your domain.
  • Understanding Themes, Plugins and Widgets, all essential components of the WordPress Environment. 

2. Setting up your Website/Blog 

  • Logging In and creating new user accounts
  • Installing and Configuring the most essential plugins that your website will need (Security, SEO, Analytics, E-Mail Marketing, Contact Forms, etc) 
  • Creating Pages and Blog Posts 
  • Creating and displaying Menu's 

 3. WordPress Design 

  • How to find and install new design themes for your WordPress Website
  • How to set up your logo and other branding 
  • How to create photo & video slideshows to show off your work

 By the end of the Level 2 course, you will have a solid foundation of knowledge in how you can set-up and administer a secure, design friendly wordpress website on your company's domain name. Your Trainer

John Walsh is a freelance Internet Marketing & IT Consultant based in Citywest Business Campus in Dublin. Since 2007 he has worked with a large number of Micro and SME companies in Ireland on projects that covered Web Design , Back-Office IT, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Video Production, Podcast Creation and more. He has worked on over fifty Web Design projects, mostly using WordPress. Industry sectors covered include News & Media, Entertainment, Healthcare, Hospitality, Property, IT and Internet Advertising.


Devoy Quarter
Naas, Ireland

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International Purchasers of Lapping Machine & Sandblasting Machine Look for Suppliers

Zhengzhou, China (PRWEB) November 14, 2014

The buyer service team of is devoted to providing the latest information for abrasives suppliers and buyers to help both parties find what they need. Currently a lapping machine purchaser and a sandblasting machine purchaser are looking for suppliers via the help of Following is the specific purchasing information:

1. Adisak Sudsawad from Thailand intends to buy a lapping machine. The original buying request is as follows:

“I’m interested in your mechanical lapping machine. Please offer your price and specification to my email box.”

2. Guillermo Robles from Mexico needs to buy sandblasting machine. The original buying request is as follows:

“Id like to purchase JFP-1500 Manual Sandblasting Machine for glass and metal sheet.”

For Abrasives Manufacturers: if you have matched products or youd like to know more about the above buying requests, please feel free to contact us. Gold Members of have access to above information at Latest Buying Request on homepage.

For Abrasives Buyers: if you have difficulty finding appropriate manufacturers or you d like to look for new suppliers, please visit to browse what you need, or send an email to us. We will try our best to help.

Contact Information:

Email: support(at)iabrasive(dot)com

Tel: +86-371-86167220

Skype: iabrasive

Twitter: iabrasive


YM: iabrasive(at)yahoo(dot)com

Author: Liwei Chu

Copyright: iAbrasive.comAbrasives & Diamond Tools Market

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Boise's rise boosts SDSU bowl hopes

Boise's rise boosts SDSU bowl hopes
Boise State's first appearance in the College Football Playoff Top 25 this week has improved San Diego State's chances to reach a bowl, no matter the outcome of Saturday's home game against San Jose State. With a No. 23 ranking from the bowl committee, …
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Florida State Football: Ranking the 5 Best Moments in the Florida Rivalry
Florida State and Florida meet Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET for the annual revisiting of one of college football's greatest rivalries, and like a season ago, UF can play the role of spoiler in FSU's quest to compete for the national championship. The …
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Minnesota still alive in Big Ten race, ranked in first AP Top 25 since 2008
Now, Minnesota has something a little more tangible to prove its progress — its first ranking in The Associated Press Top 25 since 2008. The Gophers have knocked on the door of the poll a couple times this season, but finally broke into the top 25 on …

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Kolte-Patil to Start Marketing NOW Realty's Pune project

Kolte-Patil to Start Marketing NOW Realty's Pune project
As per the agreement, Kolte-Patil will lend its brand '24K' to the project and jointly collaborate with NOW Realty to oversee all aspects of the project lifecycle including project conceptualisation and execution, product design, sales, marketing …
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Travel Network Group to regionalise marketing activities
A large proportion of the Travel Network Group's central marketing activities will be regionalised from next year. Four regions have been created by the consortium: Scotland and Northern Ireland; the Midlands and the North; the South West and Wales …
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Internet Marketing Company Raises Awareness About The Importance of Car Insurance Quotes!

(PRWEB) November 25, 2014 has released a new blog post raising awareness about the importance of comparing car insurance quotes.

Clients should always compare car insurance quotes when shopping for coverage. Vehicle insurance is not expensive and it can provide some important advantages and benefits. In order to achieve the best financial protection for their vehicles, customers should purchase comprehensive auto insurance.

Comparing car insurance quotes is entirely free. Clients simply have to provide some basic information about their cars and driving record. The quote form allows visitors to customize their policies.

The search engine works fast and all the quotes are displayed on a single web page, making comparing rates simple, fast and a lot more convenient. is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc. is owned by Internet Marketing Company.

For more information, please visit: .

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Elena Delle Donne leads All-Stars

Elena Delle Donne leads All-Stars
Muhamed Ajazi · Top Commenter · JWU Providence. Best thing to happen to Chicago since Michael Jordan… Reply · Like. · 1 · July 18, 2013 at 9:05pm · Kyle O'Brien · Top Commenter · Server at Chili's Grill & Bar. I agree this is great and I love her but …
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Scottish Asian Business Awards winners
The 8th annual Scottish Asian Business Awards presented by Bank of Scotland were held at the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow tonight. The event recognised the business achievements of Scottish Asian men and women. Yasmin Mahmood, Operations Director for …
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ASEOHosting Comments On Post-Pigeon Local SEO Strategies

Hudson, FL (PRWEB) November 24, 2014

ASEOHosting, a provider of premium SEO hosting has released an advisory for local businesses considering altering their search engine optimization strategy in the wake of Googles recent updates to its local search algorithms.

The algorithm update, dubbed Pigeon, has resulted in changes in organic results for some verticals, increases in ranking for local directories at the expense of local business results, and the changing of the granularity of local results from the city to the users physical location.

ASEOHosting has seen a number of businesses in affected verticals concentrating their local SEO efforts on local directory listings at the expense of investment in organic search results. ASEOHosting believes that a mixed local SEO strategy is the best response to Pigeon. In addition to seeing increases in local directory listings in the SERPs, which has forced a number of local search results from the first page, the algorithm changes also place more emphasis on organic results. A mixed local SEO strategy would see companies invest resources in cultivating stronger domain authority and link building, in addition to traditional local SEO efforts.

“As a hosting provider that specializes in local and international SEO, were well placed to see how companies that rely on localized searches are changing strategies in response to Pigeon,” commented ASEOHostings Vice President of Customer Relations, Daniel Page, “While many are following a mixed strategy that adequately reflects the best available information concerning the recent updates, some are putting all their eggs in one basket, a strategy that might show some limited short-term benefit, but will in the long run harm search engine traffic, particularly from mobile.”

The algorithm updates have seen some increases in spammy results and local directories in the SERPs, but ASEOHosting believes those results are likely to be subject to readjustment in future algorithm updates. Companies that have concentrated on improving organic search results are likely to ride out future changes more successfully than those concentrating on strategies that are likely to be rendered ineffective in the near future.


About ASEOHosting:

ASEOHosting is the leader in providing all types of SEO Hosting, including Shared SEO Hosting, Dedicated SEO Hosting, US Dedicated SEO Servers, and EU Dedicated SEO Servers, based in Orlando, FL, and Detroit, MI, owned and operated by Ahosting, Inc., supplying hosting services that are truly beyond imagination. Since 2002, ASEOHosting has established one of the webs premier solutions for reseller web hosting, multiple IP hosting, dedicated servers, and VPS hosting. For more information, visit

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E-Commerce in China: What you need to know to successfully market to China on the web

E-Commerce in China: What you need to know to successfully market to China on the web
Event on 2014-12-04 09:00:00

The Chinese e-Commerce market is the largest in the World and predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years.

The digital landscape in China is very different to the West and understanding how to tap into this ever-growing market is now a necessity for Western Brands and businesses alike.

This training session will help you understand the market in China and what are the steps involved to tap into this market.

For more information on this training, please contact  


Cyril Drouin: BysoftChina Founder & CEO – Senior e-Commerce Consultant 

Over 15 years of consulting experience dedicated to e-Commerce and internet in China and in Europe. 

Working with brands in China on e-Commerce Strategy / e-Commerce Platform Building (website & marketplace) / e-Commerce Operations setup / Digital Marketing (SEO/SEM/ Social networks/Word of mouth) / Mobile.

Training Goals

This 1 day training session will help you understand the following:

• Key Digital Channels – What are the key digital channels in China?

• Consumer Behavior – What is a typical Chinese Internet user’s behavior when buying online?

• Local Strategy – Why your digital strategy has to be localised for China

• Budgeting for this market – What are the key considerations?

• Logistics – How to manage online operations in China.

Who should attend?

This training session is designed for Brands, Retailers, B2B businesses and anyone interested in understanding how to reach the largest online audience in the World.

Training Agenda

Market Insight:

• Key trends/ Market Size & Growth potential

• Understanding the consumer

• Spotlight on the mobile market in China

Digital Landscape:

• Who are the main players online?

• Baidu : The leading search engine in China

• Social networks are very important in China

• Weibo & Wechat focus

• Payment Methods in China

• Mobile Shopping


• The importance of e-Marketplaces in China’s e-Commerce scene

• Tmall/Taobao Focus

• Merchandising & Advertising on e-Marketplaces


• Omnichanel in China – Times are changing

• Users Scenarios of the China Omnichannel

• How should retailers deal with Omnichannel in China?

Digital Marketing in China:

• What is the key for a successful internet strategy in China?

• SEO & Content Marketing in China

• SEM & Online Advertising in China

• Social Marketing

• Direct & Email Marketing

e-Commerce Platforms in China:

• Which technology fits which needs in China

• E-Commerce platforms in China

• Hosting options

• Step by step : How do I build my e-Commerce website?

• IT & 3rd party system integration (ERP, CRM)

• E-Commerce operations

• e-Commerce Strategy & Case Studies


• Budget planning

• A typical business plan for e-Commerce

A practical example: “My pants company would like to sell online in China"

at Amsterdam
Bogortuin 34
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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