Xulon Book Illustrates Unconditional Love through Brokenness

Rotonda West, FL (PRWEB) November 13, 2014

In his new book, OUR KATHY, ($ 16.99, paperback, 9781498415163; $ 27.99, hardcover, 9781498416191; $ 8.99, e-book, 9781498415170) John L. Tuff bravely shares the journey of losing his daughter, first to anxiety and alcoholism, and then finally to death. This path through the past is both difficult and inspiring. Tuff, a pastor, reminisces about the best memories with his daughter, before she became alienated by her mental illness. He also shares points of wisdom for anyone who might be experiencing something similar. He mentions that, just about everyone has a Kathy in their lives, and struggles with how to survive each day. His book shares how he and his family not only survived, but walked away with renewed hope in life.

This book is a love story between a dad and his daughter, our Father and those that are broken, and a family trying to survive the influence addictions and mental health issues bring into our lives, states the author. It shares the joys, disappointments, and lessons learned while loving an alcoholic.

John L. Tuff has lived the experience in his book. Additionally, his experience as the director of a live-in program for those with addictions, being a pastor and a counselor has lent a greater understanding and knowledge of the pain, guilt, loneliness, fear, and frustration that those who love people with addictions experience. They are challenged to continue loving these individuals even when they cannot change them. The author adds, Finally looking back on our journey with Kathy, it was my understanding of the powerful love teaching of the Bible that was my lifeline.

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the worlds largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 12,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order OUR KATHY through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through xulonpress.com/bookstore, amazon.com, and barnesandnoble.com.

Media Contact: John L. Tuff, johnandpattytuff(at)yahoo(dot)com

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WordPress SEO Plugin – How To Skyrocket your WordPress Website’s Ranking

Wordpress SEO Plugin - How To Skyrocket your WordPress Website's Ranking

Purchase this WP plugin NOW (Only ) : http://wpseotracker.crea.io/ Monitor Essential SEO Metrics To Better Optimize Your Websites If you are ONLY doing li…
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The Classroom Social Media Course

The Classroom Social Media Course
Event on 2014-11-26 09:30:00

 NZ's only Facebook endorsed training programme
This is a two-day course. Students can just purchase tickets to day 1 but attendance on both days is highly recommended.
Day 1

  • How social media can help you achieve your business objectives.
  • Identifying what platforms are right for you – a look at the benefits of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.
  • Setting goals. How to move your fans from awareness to loyalty.
  • Best practices for your brand’s presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Who is your target audience? How to find & engage them.
  • What is content marketing?
  • Basics of creating compelling and engaging content.
  • Using analytics to optimise your reach.
  • Advertising 101 – moving beyond the boosted post.
  • Case studies and examples of businesses doing social media well

 Day 2

  • Successful Facebook campaign tactics from building awareness to converting to leads and sales.
  • Instagram and Pinterest for business tactics.
  • Thinking like an editor: developing story angles and an annual content calendar.
  • The importance of imagery. How to shoot or source great photos.
  • Video – how, when & why you should be using it.
  • Time-saving tools for creating content.
  • Supercharged advertising with Power Editor.
  • Advanced targeting. Introducing Facebook custom audiences.
  • Ad strategies: from launching a product to driving sales.
  • Integrating social into your overall marketing plan.
  • Putting it all together: a comprehensive social media and content marketing strategy specifically for your business.

at Auckland, NZ
305 Queen St
Auckland, New Zealand

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Traditional Retail Banks Still Highly Popular with Consumers, According to Market Force Study

Louisville, CO (PRWEB) November 25, 2014

Findings from a national retail banking study by Market Force Information, a worldwide leader in customer intelligence solutions, suggest that online banking is unlikely to displace traditional retail banking anytime soon. The study found that most Americans still regularly visit their primary banks to interact with tellers and advisors, and also frequently contact their banks call centers. It also revealed that Chase and U.S. Bank are consumers favorite national banks, and that PayPal is currently the most popular digital wallet provider.

More than 3,700 consumers nationwide were polled for the study in September 2014, which was designed to uncover consumers favorite national bank chains, trends in mobile banking and digital wallets, and factors that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

High-touch Fosters Loyalty in Banking

Despite the rise in popularity of online and e-banking, consumers continue to value the face-to-face transactions and interactions at a physical bank branch. The study found that 72% of retail bank customers had conducted a transaction with a teller in the previous 90 days 21% walked into a bank to consult with an advisor and 27% contacted their banks call center. [See Graph 1]. An identical study conducted by Market Force in the UK found that much fewer just 57% had made a teller transaction, while just slightly fewer had consulted with an advisor (18%) and contacted a call center (25%).

Market Force also uncovered a discernible link between consulting with an advisor and customer satisfaction. Of those who spoke with an advisor in the previous 90 days, 57% were likely to recommend their bank to others, compared with just 47% of those who did not speak with an advisor.

Our research underscores how critical the advisor role is in retail banking not just because banks need to sell their product portfolio, but also because its an opportunity for them to gain a competitive advantage in customer loyalty, said Cheryl Flink, Chief Strategy Officer for Market Force. We found that 17% of those who consulted with an advisor had a less than great experience, which tells me that many banks could be doing a better job of focusing on consumers financial well-being with superior advisory services.

Chase, U.S. Bank Named Consumers Favorites

Market Force also looked at which banks stand out as consumers favorites. Out of the five most frequented national banks, Chase and U.S. Bank ranked first and second, followed by PNC Bank, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. [See Graph 3]. For the rankings, Market Force asked participants to rate their satisfaction with their primary bank and their likelihood to refer that bank to others. The results were averaged to attain a Composite Loyalty Score.

What sets Chase and U.S. bank apart? The two banks scored first and second in nearly all of the attributes that matter most to their customers, including financial stability, ease of doing business and transparency. PNC Bank, Wells Fargo and Bank of America ranked third, fourth and fifth, respectively, in these categories.

Mobile Banking Entering Mainstream

Many financial institutions see a huge opportunity to add to their bottom line through mobile banking, particularly given that mobile deposits can save them up to $ 50 a year per customer. In the Market Force research, 80% of consumers said their primary bank offers a mobile banking app and, of those, 65% said they have downloaded it. [See Graph 3]. Interestingly, this is slightly higher than the UK where just 63% report having downloaded their banks mobile app.

The primary ways consumers in the United States are using their banks mobile app are to check their balances (84%), check their statements (62%), transfer funds (57%), deposit funds (54%), use the quick-check balance feature (43%), pay bills (40%) and find an ATM or branch (35%). Very few tap into the app for activities such as paying others or setting up direct debits. It is a different story in the UK, where larger percentages use their mobile apps for these two purposes, and much fewer to deposit funds or find ATMs or branches.

In the United States, 46% of those who have not downloaded their banks mobile app said they do not see the benefits of using their phone for banking, 36% are concerned about the security of their information and 10% question its ease-of-use. These figures were similar in the UK.

Whats Trending in Digital Wallets?

While the recent launch of ApplePay has put a spotlight on digital wallets, Market Force found the adoption in September (prior to ApplePays launch) was still fairly low, with only 7% reporting that they use digital wallets 45% of those are female and 55% are male. Penetration is highest among the 2544 year-old demographic, but not by much. In fact, Market Force found that 20% of those using digital wallets are between 4554 years old, and 22% are over 55 years old. [See Graph 4].

Awareness seems to be the biggest barrier to adoption of digital wallets. When asked why they are not using digital wallets, three out of five said it is because they are not familiar with them. Other prevailing reasons given were that they provide no benefit beyond current payment channels, concerns about security and concerns about personal data. Difficulty was cited by only 2% of those polled.

PayPal Most Used Digital Wallet

At the time of the study, PayPal was clearly the most popular digital wallet provider. It claimed 60% of market share, with Google Wallet earning 43%, Apple Passbook with 17% and City Wallet by Citibank with 2%. [See Graph 5].

Survey Demographics

The survey was conducted online in September 2014 across the United States. The pool of 3,733 respondents represented a cross-section of the four U.S. census regions, and reflected a broad spectrum of income levels, with 46% reporting household incomes between $ 25,000 and $ 75,000 a year. Respondents ages ranged from 19 to over 65. Approximately 58% were women and 42% were men. Three quarters are employed at least part time.

Follow Market Forces Retail Banking LinkedIn page for the latest insights, timely discussions, commentary and industry news.

About Market Force Information

Market Force is the leading global customer intelligence solutions company for multi-location businesses, including major retailers, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, financial institutions, entertainment studios and consumer packaged goods companies. Market Force has pioneered the industry with a suite of customer intelligence solutions that enable multi-location business to manage operational excellence and customer loyalty. Proprietary decision-support tools comprise a platform of data collection techniques including mystery shopping, customer surveys and contact center; analytics algorithms for predicting growth in loyalty and financial metrics; and a technology platform for integrating multiple data streams. Market Force solutions enable brands to identify the actions required at the store level to increase customer loyalty and improve financial performance. For more information, visit http://www.marketforce.com

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Article Marketing – 5 Tips To An Effective Article Marketing Strategy

http://DeanRBlack.mypredatoryseo.com/?t=ytarticlemarketingstrategy – Article Marketing – 5 Tips To An Effective Article Marketing Strategy Article Marketing …
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How To Get Higher Website Ranking

Recorded on February 13, 2013 using a Flip Video camera.

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Google and Xbox music will no longer count against T-Mobile data caps

Google and Xbox music will no longer count against T-Mobile data caps
Besides Google Play Music, Xbox Music, and SoundCloud, newly exempt services are RadioTunes, Digitally Imported, Fit Radio, Fresca Radio, JazzRadio, Live365, Mad Genius Radio, radioPup, radio.com, RockRadio, and Saavn. While beneficial for music …
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US Voice Concern Over Politicisation of EU's Google Case
The United States voiced concern on Tuesday over a draft plan by two EU lawmakers to break up Google Inc, saying politicians should not influence the EU's antitrust inquiry into the world's most popular Internet search engine. The U.S. Mission to the …
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We're killing Google Glass by forgetting it's just one big experiment
What is clear is that something was … off when the Google co-founder hit the red carpet at a Silicon Valley event. Like when someone you've known your entire life goes and shaves their beard off without telling anyone. In the words of Bob Dylan, “you …
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Funny Questions On Yahoo Answers!

Just some random stupid questions i found on Yahoo Answers, so i decided to make them into a slideshow. Enjoy! Just for you people think I made all of the qu…

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San Mateo Chicago Style Pizza and Texas BBQ Restaurant Launches New Website

San Mateo, California (PRWEB) November 21, 2014

Windy City Pizza & BBQ, a restaurant that specializes in deep dish pizza and Texas Smokehouse BBQ, launched its new website this week. Over 25 years ago, owners Bob (Bubba) Yeats thought Why not take food from two fun-loving places – Texas and Chicago – and share it with the folks on the San Mateo Peninsula, who also love great food? and Windy City Pizza & BBQ was born! Having a newly remodeled dining area and patio, Bob and Trish Yeats thought it was time to give their website a makeover. So, they contacted Ken ODonnell of KO Websites to build the restaurant a new responsive WordPress website.

From the classic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza to the juicy, smoky, tender BBQ meats smoked in their custom-built Texas pit smoker, Windy City Pizza and BBQ dishes out some of the best eating in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Other menu items include Chicago specialty sandwiches and Vienna Beef Hot Dogs. To highlight the new look of the restaurant, as well as their special events, the newly launched website provides visitors easy access to explore menus, photos, stories, specials, testimonials and more. On the road in Burlingame or watching the game from home in Foster City and want to order a pizza and some ribs? No problem! Their new website makes it easy to peruse the menu on smartphones and click-to-call in an order for takeout or delivery. See their new website at http://www.WindyCityPizza.com

About Windy City Pizza and BBQ

Raised in the South, Bob (Bubba) Yeats is constantly improving what he learned quite some years ago in his Texas backyard with his two colorful Uncles, a barrel smoker, a load of chicken and ribs, and a basting mop. Authentic Texas BBQ combined with Chicago style deep dish pizza make Windy City Pizza and BBQ one of the best-loved restaurants in the Peninsula for locals and sports fans alike. Windy City Pizza is also home of the Bay Area Chicago Bears Fan Club (since 1998) and boasts several large flat-screen TVs for sports fans to watch their favorite teams.

About KO Websites

With over 14 years of web design experience, KO Websites has the knowledge and experience to build businesses a fresh, new website that works on any desktop or mobile device and ranks well on search engines too. KO Websites, through its sister brand SEOPRO.pro, offers full service SEO and Social Media marketing services at an affordable price. Contact the SEOPROs at KO websites for more information at http://www.KOwebsites.com – http://www.seopro.PRO or 1-866-797-KOKO.

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Inbound Marketing Agency Leap Clixx To Host HubSpot Networking Meetup on

Inbound Marketing Agency Leap Clixx To Host HubSpot Networking Meetup on
Leap Clixx is a leading St. Louis-based online marketing agency that develops customized marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, including search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing and website …
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To Compete With Big-Name Brands, Here's How to Market Your Black Friday
When it comes to Black Friday, the power of the Internet is undeniable, which is why you should take advantage of online and mobile marketing in the days and weeks before. Consider the following strategies when promoting your Black Friday deals and …
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Online marketing survey ends Saturday
That's why he is encouraging the public to take an online survey that debuted this week as part of the city's rebranding efforts. The survey is available at Brand-Brownsville.com until Nov. 15 and seeks to gauge public perception of the city. Hahn …
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