2 Day Powerful Presentations Boot Camp

2 Day Powerful Presentations Boot Camp
Event on 2013-10-05 09:00:00

Have An Important Message To Share?

Want To Increase Your Income?

Attract More Quality Clients?

Learn How To Powerfully Present…


Join us for 2 inspiring days of hands-on training and coaching with presentation experts Nicole Jansen and Bridget Brady. Create Your Own Blueprint For Delivering A Powerful Presentation Every Time!

Learn the fundamentals of an effective presentation, plus all the world-class trade secrets to enhancing your delivery, positioning you with credibility, and engaging your audience at a deep and lasting level.


Whether you need to deliver an effective presentation:

  • To one person across the table
  • In front of a small group in a boardroom
  • From stage for a large audience 
  • Host tele-seminars or webinars online


This 2 Day Powerful Presentations boot camp will give you EVERYTHING you need to deliver your presentation with CONFIDENCE, CLARITY, AUTHENTICITY & EASE!

 Powerful Presentations Boot Camp

October 5-6, 2013

Los Angeles CA


Here is a taste of what you will learn during these 2 days…

  • Mind Mastery – 80% of your success as a speaker or trainer is determined by your psychology.  Learn how to overcome your fear of the stage so you feel confident and empowered in front of any size audience!


  • The Million Dollar Formula – Learn the specific step-by-step formula that the top presenters and speakers in the world use to effectively enroll and connect with their audience right from the beginning!


  • Accelerated Learning Techniques – Now more than ever, people have a short attention span.  Learn the specific techniques to keep your audience engaged with you and learning more…faster!


  • Vocal Projection & Resonance – Never lose your voice again!  Improve the quality, resonance, and projection of your voice so you can always communicate your message with the confidence and clarity it deserves

  • Effective Storytelling – People make emotional decisions and then justify them logically.  Learn how to enrich your presentation and connect with your audience emotionally so they truly 'get' why it's important for them at a deep level


  • Handling Objections – Not everyone listening to your presentation will agree with you all the time. Learn how to effectively handle ANY objection or resistance that comes your way with confidence and ease, further establishing credibility and trust with your audience!

  • Next Action Presenting – What's the point of your presentation if your audience doesn't take action on it?  Learn how to lead your audience to the next step, whether that is applying the skills or information you taught them, or selling them your product or service solution!

You will…

Design your presentation during the weekend, so you're ready to go come Monday morning…

Learn how to create more impact in your presentations…increase your income…attract more quality clients…and so much more!

We are intentionally limiting the class size, so you get lots of 1 on 1 attention. This is a hands-on workshop where you will be practicing what you learn during the event and being coached to ensure you are mastering it for success!


Seating Is Limited So Register Today!  


                     Nicole Jansen                                                  Bridget Brady
                     Master Trainer & Speaker                            The Voice Genius

Nicole Jansen: As an Entrepreneur and Business Leader for 25 years, Nicole has become one of the most in-demand speakers and trainers today. Her mission is clear—to help people tap into their strengths and achieve greater results in their life and business—and she has helped generate millions of dollars of growth for a broad spectrum of individuals and businesses.  

Living the words of her message, Nicole teaches people how to create success and live more abundantly through both personal and business mastery. This powerful combination has earned Nicole the reputation of achieving breakthrough results for her clients and program participants in a short period of time. Very few presenters understand how to facilitate transformation as well as Nicole does, and in this 2-day Powerful Presentations Boot Camp, she will teach you exactly how she does it so you can too!

Bridget Brady:  Having grown up as a successful singer, actress and dancer, Bridget has followed her passion and talent for engaging and inspiring audiences across the country.  She has also applied these skills in developing a very lucrative online marketing business, delivering teleseminars and webinars every week. 

Bridget has been a popular guest speaker on various internet/radio shows and live events, and most recently shared the stage with legendary speaker, Les Brown.  She is an expert in vocal projection, engaging audiences, and helping others communicate their message in a relevant and compelling presentation.  Funny, inspiring, and engaging, Bridget will teach you how to project your message and connect with your audience like few others can.  




“One week after a sales training program with Nicole, I was invited to the International Networking Day.  The room was full of over 200 business owners from various fields of work.  Because of the session with Nicole, I felt completely confident, presented myself within reference circles, and was given the opportunity to present what I can offer for these business owners to the entire room.  Afterwards I received many compliments on my presentation, and more importantly gained over 50 warm leads of people who are interested in my services.

I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone who is involved in sales, whether it is for yourself or your employees; she knows what it takes to make great leaders.

Javier Chimal, Account Executive, CollectivePOS

I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with Bridget Brady for the last several months.  I can honestly say that Bridget is not only the consummate professional but is genuinely committed to everyone's success.  Her tireless efforts and giving of herself with her time, passion and enthusiasm is unparalleled and anyone should could consider themselves extremely fortunate to affiliate with her.  I know I am!

Debbie Tucker, Real Estate Professional




Don't Miss This Rare Opportunity to Be Trained and Coached

By Two of the Most Authentic and Powerful

Speakers & Trainers Today…


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