2015 Fargo City Commission candidates

2015 Fargo City Commission candidates
BRUST: It is clear that the rank and file officers had lost faith in their chief. …. STRAND: Balance will come when Fargo has an updated long-range facilities, strategic and financial master plan that creates includes and prioritizes: 1) Affordable …
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How London man may have helped trigger the 'flash crash'
The advent of high-frequency trading firms has added a level of sophistication and speed to this bluffing technique. Using computers to sift through news articles, social media feeds and other data in split seconds, these firms are able to snatch tiny …
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Districts with large Black enrollment, lower home value rank low in study
It turns up a lot of middle-income communities with good schools; it also turns up, sometimes, very high-income communities that have exceptionally good schools. So it's like depending on where your buck is you'll find the best school district for that …
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