5 Warning Signs That Your Website Sucks

5 Warning Signs That Your Website Sucks
Does your website suck? I'm not asking to be mean. Really. Building a website that meets the needs of your business and your customers is a tricky balancing act. You want to project a robust, yet friendly brand. You want to make sure the site is usable …
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Metafilter's downfall is the perfect metaphor for the way we Internet now
“Unfortunately in the last couple years we have seen our Google ranking fall precipitously for unexplained reasons,” Haughey wrote in an essay on Medium, “and the corresponding drop in ad revenue means that the future of the site has come into question …
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If a high-quality site like Metafilter can be crushed by Google, what hope do
For long-time web users, the announcement this week from Metafilter — a pioneering online community that has been around since 1999 — was a little like hearing that an old friend is in hospital with a fatal illness: founder Matt Haughey said that due …
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